England: Time Out – Enjoy The Royal Botanic Gardens At Kew, London.




Kew Gardens 2-for-1 entry - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine


Hi all;

I am taking some time out today to show you something which is very special to me.  As some of you may know; I do Bonsai trees for a hobby; and everything / anything to do with horticulture and plants holds a special place for me.

Being English; I want to give you a few links to the Royal Botanic Gardens which are in West London.  Boy are they special.  The ‘other’ pert of Kew is called ‘Wakehurst Place’ and is located in Sussex (county) which is a just outside of London.  Wakehurst is home to the world famous ‘Millennium Seed Bank’ which collects and stores seeds for as many of the worlds plants as possible – in case they ever become extinct in the wild; they can then be germinated at the seed bank.

ISG's Kew Gardens restoration lands feature in trade publication

Kew Gardens - news latest, breaking updates and headlines today ...


Here are some links to Kew, London:


Virtual Kew – visit and explore all the beautiful attractions at the gardens virtually:


And Wakehurst and the seed bank:


Wakehurst - Garden in Haywards Heath, Mid Sussex - Visit South ...

Huge ambitions at the Millenium Seed Bank at Wakehurst Place


I will leave you to explore these wonderful sites which are just so fantastic;

Regards Mark

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