EU Parliament decides to cancel bullfighting subsidies! Sensation!

Finally, an important blow was made against the bullfighting lobby!

In the context of the EU agricultural reform (which is not a reform at all) the animal rights activists prevailed and achieved a narrow majority for the cancellation of the bullfighting subsidies!

This is a sensation because up to now there has been a majority in favor of maintaining all attempts to stop these EU subsidies.

Leading Spanish politicians are family members themselves with bullfighting breeders.

The amendment was approved by 335 votes in favor, 297 against, and 60 abstentions, thanks mainly to the European left.

With 335 to 297 votes, the EU parliamentarians have now for the first time in the history of Europe effectively decided against this animal cruelty, which in some countries has even been celebrated.

But the image of bullfighting has deteriorated over the past few years thanks to the efforts of tens of thousands of animal rights activists and the public’s pity for the bulls has steadily increased.

Anja Hazekamp from the Dutch Animal Welfare Party fought against bullfighting for years together with the Spanish Animal Welfare Party.

This time, Francisco Guerreiro, who was elected to the European Parliament for the Portuguese Animal Welfare Party, tried it – and it worked!

At least for now, because the topic is not yet through. The Spanish government is expected to do everything possible to circumvent this decision.

And the bullfighters association has already announced that it will file a lawsuit against it.

Hopefully, in the end, morality and common sense will prevail in Europe!

And I mean…For the first time, we get a positive surprise from the EU front!
Parliament has noticed that it is backward when animals continue to be tortured for fun in the 21st century and that this is also financed with public money.

With this cruelty to animals, Spain brings up the rear in Europe when it comes to animal welfare.

We are proud and grateful to Anja Hazekamp and her fighters from the Animal Welfare Party of Holland, and thanks to the Spanish Animal Welfare Party and of course to Francisco Guerreiro from the Animal Welfare Party of Portugal.

We get confirmation that if we unite we can achieve something.

Bullfights like in Spain will not last long for animal welfare reasons.

The corrida is not just a spectacle, but archaic cruelty to animals, the corrida is death.

And a spectacle that drains the cultural reputation of an entire country into the mud.

My best regards to all, Venus


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