animals are the slaves of the circus industry…

against circus / stop cruelty to animals


…Elephants are born in the wild for living free.

The circus owners enslave them very early, as children, they separate them from their mother and for a lifetime they turn them into stupid clowns,
who have to do stupid shows
for stupid parents
who drag their children to the circus,
so that both sides have stupid fun with the suffering of the animals.

That keeps this business going, they have the greatest responsibility.

In chains,
trained with heels or whips so that they obey,
transported back and forth …
animals are the slaves of the circus industry.

Boycott all circuses that work at the expense of animals
Educate your children properly and explain to them why they never have to go to a circus,
where animals are kept captive.

Regards and good night, Venus


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