Korea: Take Action For The Farmed Bears – Petition Link – Please Sign.

South Kores

korea monbears

Dear all;

Today we have been contacted by Gina at moonbears.org.

If you click on the web link below you can help to sign a petition currently running to support bears being released from farming in Korea.

Petition 2

Please check out the website at  http://www.moonbears.org  to learn a lot more about the situation.

If you go to the very end of all the information given on the web site you will see a further link to enable you to support the petition – please do so and be a voice for the bears.  Thanks SAV.

Name: Gina Moon

Website: http://www.moonbears.org

Message: Hi! – G.Moon from moonbears.org. We have been campaigning to free 1000 farmed bears from horrible bears farms into government set up bear sanctuaries in Korea.

W’d appreciated very much if you could add our petition to your in order to get more signatures.

More info can be found from-https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/save-bears-in-korea.html

Or www.moonbears.org

Thank you.

Kind regards, Gina.

korea monbears


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