Animal cruelty in german organic slaughterhouses

Beaten, kicked, failed: Animal cruelty in the organic slaughterhouse
Is that how you imagined everyday life in organic slaughterhouse?
Many people turn to organic meat because they think organic stands for animal welfare.

The latest undercover research by the German Animal Welfare Office (Deutsches Tierschutzbüro) uncovered the scandalous conditions at the” FÄRBER” company organic slaughterhouse at the gates of the capital Berlin!

The leaked recordings show cruel animal cruelty through mistreatment and mistreatment of defenseless animals and prove one thing above all:

Whether organic slaughterhouse, trusted butcher, or slaughterhouse giant – all animals fight for their lives, none die voluntarily and their killing is always painful.

After the video material was leaked to the organization, they immediately informed the responsible veterinary office.

The veterinary office and the public prosecutor’s office then received all of the evidence.

The company has now been closed by the responsible veterinary office.
It’s a success! the scandal organic slaughterhouse stops slaughtering!

Bio-Company and Bio Manufaktur Havelland have announced that they have discontinued their cooperation with the horror slaughterhouse.
A great success against cruelty to animals?

But that is not enough: those responsible must be held accountable and given fair punishment.

Please share this video so that everyone can see that only avoiding animal products is an effective protection against animal cruelty.


Geschlagen, getreten & fehlbetäubt – Tierqual im “Bio-Schlachthof”


And I mean: “Enjoy our meat” is the slogan of the FÄRBER company
“For quality, we get down to work every day”!!

To the video:
Minute 1: 8- stunning area. One can clearly see how brutally animals are treated.

Some of them are even hit with hooks. The electric pliers are used in an uncontrolled manner, which has the consequence that the animals are not completely anesthetized.

Minute 2:15 – The animals can witness the death of the other animals.
In the bleeding area (minute 2:40) the animals show violent movements because they are neither dead nor stunned and suffer hellish agony.

The failure rate is estimated to be 40% at this slaughterhouse, and according to the video recording.
That’s the worst thing you can do to an animal.

The video material clearly shows that neither a follow-up nor a veterinary examination is taking place.
Sick and injured animals are also slaughtered

A clear violation of animal welfare law.

The slaughterhouse FÄRBER is affiliated with the animal welfare initiative and enjoyed a high value as an organic slaughterhouse until the undercover investigation.
The main customer is the Bio Company, and Bio Manufactur Havelland has sent pigs to the FÄRBER slaughterhouse.

The slaughterhouse is now closed.
The video was shown on many TV channels.

But not much will change in the consciousness of meat-eaters.
Animal cruelty is suppressed with the excuse of isolated cases.
And with the reassurance that as soon as the slaughterhouse is no longer in operation, the other slaughterhouses will learn from it and slaughter “humanely”.

The most effective way to distort reality is to deny it.

My best regards to all, Venus


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