Russia: Petition – Justice for Baby Lion Cub Blinded for Life By Illegal Wildlife Trade. Sign Now Please and Pass On.

SIGN: Justice for Smuggled Lion Cub who Lost Both Eyes

I found this really sad when I found it yesterday.  A beautiful lion cub who has had to have both eyes removed due to the scum involved with illegal wildlife trafficking.  Please support the petition.

Read more from the UK press:

Tragic lion cub forced to have both its eyes removed after horrific cruelty by big cat smugglers (

Lion cub has both eyes removed after being smuggled 1,200 miles across Russia in box without food | Daily Mail Online

PETITION TARGET: Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs

Snatched from his mother almost immediately after his birth, a helpless lion cub named Grom is now blind after smugglers forced him into a tiny box with no food or water and crammed him into the luggage compartment of a long-haul bus in Russia, according to the Sun.

Police discovered the sick and dying lion cub in deplorable conditions with severely inflamed and ruptured corneas. Several surgeries failed to save Grom’s eyesight, and he ultimately lost both his eyes, Daily Mail reported.

The baby lion is frustrated and doesn’t understand why he can’t see, said Nikolay Dovgalyuk, who initially took care of the cub after his rescue.

Grom now needs lifelong care, and his future remains uncertain. He’s also just one of the victims of the illegal animal trafficking trade that caters to a demand for exotic pets, according to officials.

This lion cub deserves justice.

Police have not yet identified the criminals who cruelly caged and transported Grom. Sign this petition urging Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs to use all available resources to fully investigate this heartbreaking crime and bring Grom’s traffickers to justice before more innocent animals are harmed or killed.

Please support the action for justice – sign and pass on to all your contacts:

Petition Link – PETITION: Justice for Lion Cub Forced to Have Both Eyes Removed After Cruel Smuggling (

There are currently over 30,000 signatures here – lets ramp it up and get loads more.

Thank you

Regards Mark

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