“White Bear Hunting”

This tragic photo was taken by Lennart Nilsson *  in the 1940s in Spitzbergen / Norway.

Even then, it showed the brutality and horror of trophy hunting and the capture of wild animals.

The little bear’s mother was killed.
The baby bear stayed in this position all day and all night, crying sadly for his mommy.
He didn’t want to eat or drink anything.

With this sad photo, which unfortunately mercilessly and honestly reflected reality, Nilsson wanted to show us in an uncompromising way that it is not the bear that is the beast, but the trophy hunter who killed it.

* Lennart Nilsson (1922 – 2017), photographer and science filmmaker, born in Sweden, is known for his pioneering work in the imaging of embryos and microscopic images of human body tissue, bacteria and viruses.

In 1947, this photo was one of its first published and was used to illustrate an article called “White Bear Hunting”.
Nilsson commented on the content of this article at the time with the words:

“Man is the cruelest predator on the planet …”!



And I mean..Trophy hunting, like any other type of hunting, is an unethical and terrible result of the sadistic abyss of human actions and a product of today’s affluent society.

It is cowardly animal murder of living, loving, pain-sensitive beings. Many animals are threatened with extinction.

Nevertheless, they are killed out of sheer lust for murder.

A few affluent hunters obviously have a lot of fun doing harm to other living beings and disturbing the natural balance.
This hunt is all about the trophies as bed rugs or wall decorations over the fireplace of a hunting room.

The United Nations assumes that a high percentage of all animal species that are extinct are caused by the help of pathological hunters. It has been proven that hunters reduce biodiversity.

Grizzly bear killed by trophy hunters.


Germany also still allows the import of hunting trophies and not only that! the government also supports it with development aid.
This type of hunt, which is extremely ill in character, must be stopped globally.

My best regards to all, Venus


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