Berlin: Coral World is cruel world!

A marine aquarium is to be built by an Israeli investor in Berlin Lichtenfeld in the Rummelsburger Bucht: Coral World.

According to media reports, the exhibition of marine animals, corals, and tropical fish – including probable sharks – is planned. Together with other organizations, we at PETA Germany call on the responsible politicians to remove the project from the development plan.

Environmental destruction, overfishing, and animal suffering

In addition to office and administrative buildings and luxury apartments, a giant aquarium called Coral World is also to be built in Rummelsburger Bucht in Berlin.

Instead of native fish, tropical fish and probably also sharks are said to swim in an aquarium in the bay.

7 reasons against building the marine aquarium in Rummelsburg Bay:

1) The construction of Coral World is driving coral reef destruction.

Around 99 percent of the marine ornamental fish in large European aquariums are caught in the wild.

Numerous sea creatures die while being caught and transported: around four out of five coral fish caught in the reef die before they reach the aquarium.

Dead animals are then promptly replaced by further wild-caught animals – every new large aquarium built thus contributes massively to the looting of the oceans.

2) In addition, species-appropriate keeping in the aquarium is not possible: Many marine animals cover great distances in the ocean and dive into the depths of the sea. Many ocean dwellers live in symbioses with one another, avoid each other, or live in shoals.

All of these natural behaviors cannot be performed in captivity; In the aquarium, these animals therefore often develop behavior disorders, depression, and aggression.

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And I mean…Water zoos are an outdated concept and isolation torture on the captive animals. Here, too, is a kind of mass animal husbandry.

Animals that naturally have thousands of kilometers to choose from (even if they are perhaps more territorial) is criminal to keep this way.

In addition, 80 percent of marine animals die on the way to the aquarium, the stocks of wild-caught fish are damaged and this leads to the destruction of coral reefs.

The behavior of animals in captivity does not help anyone to develop a real ecological awareness, and at most, it gives the children the wrong idea that it is okay to cage an animal or to keep an exotic animal in the water basin.

Exotic fish, and actually all animals, can now be observed better in excellent documentation.

No creature has to be locked up for this!

My best regards to all, Venus

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