Sundance Film festival must end the collaboration with Canada Goose

A business built on cruelty has no business being tied to show business!

Canada Goose is using the Sundance Film Festival to make its coats seem trendy, but no amount of movie magic can hide the violence behind its feather-stuffed parkas.

For years, PETA has informed Sundance leadership about the cruelty inherent in Canada Goose jackets.
The company hasn’t been able to sell or give away its fur-trimmed coats during the festival since Sundance Institute barred it from doing so a few years ago.

But times have changed, and companies are reflecting more on how their businesses affect the world, including all the ways in which animals are violated.

So Sundance must stop accepting sponsorship money from (and thereby promoting) a company that sells fur and down at all.
High-quality, down-free jackets like those made by Save the Duck, NOIZE, and Wuxly Movement keep people warm, look stylish, and aren’t a product of violently slaughtering animals.

Misleading marketing is Canada Goose’s MO.

Instead of simply going fur-free as other companies have, it trumpeted its transition to using “reclaimed” fur starting in 2022.

But no matter when or where it was stripped, coyote fur is often taken by catching the animal in steel traps, where they’re left to languish in agony—possibly suffering from shock, frostbite, and dehydration—until the trapper returns to bludgeon them to death, shoot them, or kill them in some other violent way.

And despite the company’s tired claims of using “responsible” down, there’s simply no such thing.
The Responsible Down Standard (RDS) itself is really just a marketing tool.

Even if the suppliers followed the standards, they’d still be allowed to let injured birds languish in agony for days before they’re required to put them out of their misery.

Like all birds used by the down industry, the farmed geese whose feathers are stuffed inside Canada Goose jackets wind up at the slaughterhouse, where it’s standard practice to hang them upside down by the legs, stun them, and slit their throats—all this instead of simply using warm, high-quality, down-free material.

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And I mean…Canada Goose has coyotes hunted and killed in North America so that their fur can be sewn onto hoods.
Snap traps are used for this purpose. If a coyote steps into the trap, it digs deep into its flesh and leaves bloody wounds and painful mutilations.

It can take hours or several days before the hunter returns – a long time in which the coyotes are defenseless against all weather conditions, predators, and gangrene.
The animals are then shot, strangled, or kicked to death.

So much suffering for a little bit of fur and a lot of vanity.

Not only coyotes suffer for Canada Goose.
Many of the brand’s jackets are filled with the feathers of ducks and geese.

These come either from killed or alive plucked animals that spend a miserable life locked up on the breeding farms with thousands of conspecifics.

On its website, Canada Goose tries to put customers’ consciences at ease.

The company claims that all down and fur are “ethically sourced” and from animals “that are not subjected to unfair practices, willful abuse or unnecessary suffering “.

Down and fur come from dead animals and are therefore always associated with suffering and abuse.

Be attentive to the tricks of the down industry.
Check very carefully what you buy
And never dress in feathers or fur carcasses.

My best regards to all, Venus


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