It is not the vegan that is perverse, but the system in which we live.


The answer to this question is simple:
We just remained criminals, animal abusers, animal eaters, animal exploiters…

… 150 billion animals are slaughtered worldwide every year, that’s 4756 per second …

It is so easy to speak of the right of “personal choice” because none of the meat-eaters is threatened with the fate that awaits the caged animals at the slaughterhouse.

Go in, meat-eater! in the slaughterhouses and stay with the animals until chopped up.
Stay there and feel their fear of death, see how they deflate their bladders in fear, see how they try to escape, how they are beaten up when they disobey, how people laugh.

Hear their screams for help, the screams in the gas chamber, the screams in the scalding bath, the fidgeting with the throat cut open and listen to their last breath and watch them being dismembered and how almost finished babies are cut from their bodies!

And then tell us again about your personal choice!

Meat production is one of the greatest crimes in human history

My best regards to all, Venus


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