Freedom instead of fattening Report

This is our answer to conditions in turkey farms that go beyond the worst imagination of what is done to the animals on the fattening and breeding farms.

Pictures of ARIWA Organisation like we published yesterday on our blog look totally different.

The rescued turkeys Claudius, Bibo, Jolanda, and Jasmin now live on the farm 🦃 and they live fine.



This is the life they deserve.


30,000 turkeys were officially “killed and disposed of” in two Brandenburg facilities in the last 10 days.

Most of these animals are probably still healthy. However, since they can no longer be “recycled”, the motto is: caught, hung up.

Where animals are treated as goods and life counts for nothing, the phrase “dangerous pathogen” has nothing to do with the danger for the turkeys concerned.

It’s all about the economic risk for those who wanted to kill these turkeys anyway – just for a profit.

The tragic thing is that it is precisely this commercial animal use itself that poses the greatest risk for the further spread of avian flu and many other infectious diseases.

We are doing it consciously, knowingly, deliberately … almost from inferior basic motives.

My best regards to all, Venus


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