Spain will ban wolf hunting!

The State Commission for Natural Heritage of the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge has proposed this Thursday, February 4, the inclusion of all existing wolf populations in Spain in the List of Wild Species in the Special Protection Regime, so it will automatically stop be considered a hunting species.

This implies that they cannot be hunted as soon as the new law takes effect.

The proposal has required a double vote because in the first a tie was reached. Finally, a simple majority, necessary to adopt the decision, has given the go-ahead, thereby homogenizing the status of wolf populations throughout the national territory.

Cantabria, Asturias, Castilla y León, and Galicia, all of them regions with wolf populations north of the Duero, have voted against the proposal, a position to which other autonomous communities governed by the PartidoPopular have joined.

In any case, the proposal has gone ahead with the favorable vote of the rest of the regions.

The inclusion of all Spanish wolf populations in the list of wild species in the special protection regime is based on the opinion of the Scientific Committee, which recommended their protection because it takes into account “their importance as a cultural and scientific heritage, as well as the environmental benefits resulting from the presence of this species in natural Ecosystems “.

“The fact that it is a key species for the functioning of ecosystems, that its area of ​​distribution includes territories of several autonomous communities and that the number of these has increased in recent times as well as the threats that affect the species they made a common approach to action necessary so that the management and conservation of the wolf are coherent throughout the Spanish territory, ensures its populations and long-term distribution and guarantees coexistence with man ”, they add.

The creation of a working group was proposed to develop a new strategy for the management and protection of the wolf in Spain. The objective of this document is to achieve the conservation, management, and restoration of viable populations of wolves as an integral part of Spanish ecosystems, ensuring coexistence with human activities in the areas where they live.

From AnimaNaturalis we hope that they will prohibit the hunting of these animals from now on, and do not wait for the new law to come into force, which will still take a few months to come into force.

We warmly welcome the decision.
All that remains now is the abolition of bullfighting!

My best regards to all, Venus


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