The last look from the gas chamber

Pets are also gassed or poisoned in European countries.

Because people prefer to order and buy their pets like goods from the breeder.

Of course with the right of return if the buyer does not like the “goods” or it behaves differently than desired.

And the breeders are happy.

What an inferior creature must one be to buy a friend like a wardrobe …

And how cheap and decadent you have to be to believe you have to pay for the better animal because that’s the only way to get the right design object!

And then someone looks at the Doodles – Poodles – Labbis – Bulldogs and it horrifies him.

Breeders are slave owners and animal abusers, nothing else.
And they have thousands of animals on their conscience that die in gas chambers because people would rather throw their money in the breeder’s throat than save an animal from lethal injection or the gas chamber.

You can’t buy a friend, you have to deserve one.

My best regards to all, Venus

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