Idiots play “clowns” in front of vegan protesters

A pair of Melbourne pranksters have been slammed on social media after filming themselves eating KFC in front of vegan protesters.

Nick and Bill, who boast a following of more than 85,000 on TikTok, uploaded the video over the weekend.

As seen in the video above, the duo is seen eating fried chicken pieces and burgers in front of a group of protesters near the Royal Arcade in the CBD.

“Do you want a bite?” one of the boys is heard asking a protester at one point.

Two protesters are seen speaking to the boys in the video, as they scoff down burgers.

“I actually really appreciate these guys being here,” one protester is heard saying, “it’s creating a spectacle”.

The video has since been viewed more than three million times on TikTok, with users slamming the duo as “disrespectful”.

“This isn’t funny or cool, I’m not even vegan but it’s about respecting others,” one person commented.

One of the two clowns

“They’re not disrupting anyone and they were being polite why did (you) go out of your way to buy food and eat it in their face and film it, that’s weird,” another person wrote.

Despite the backlash, some hailed the pair “heroes”, while others said their “respect” for them increased after viewing the video.

But it’s not the first time the duo tried out the stunt.

In a video posted to TikTok in November, the pair were again seen eating KFC in front of protesters at what appeared to be the same location.

And I mean…To call someone a hero just because they do the same thing as the other 7.8 billion carnivorous human animals on the planet is ridiculous.
And the carnivorous provocateurs show very little experience in the field.

Because they think that with two or three pieces of dead meat in the bag they can annoy or provoke the experienced demonstrators.

They take themselves very seriously, these flat-foot- carnivores.

My best regards to all, Venus


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  1. It never fails to disgust me that, even though about 95% of the universe consumes animals, some people are so threatened by decent vegans that they go out of their way to promote animal suffering. These types of people base their lives on hatred and intolerance, what sad worlds they live in.

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