Sweden: 600 mink were freed from cages

From the Blog of “Animal Liberation Press Office”:

“According to media reports, 600 mink were freed from cages at a fur farm in Tingsryd during the night of January 22.

The same farm was raided by activists in September 2019.

We, Animal Liberation Press Office, have not received a statement in relation to the action, but you can read the report that was released after the action in 2019;


In the early hours of September 3, 2019, all of the prisoners on a small mink farm in Hölkemåla, Blekinge, Sweden, escaped from the cages.

In total, about 1500 persons managed to get free.
We gave a helping hand by disassembling the fence of the farm and then opening all the cage doors.

We removed parts of the fence using a wrench to ensure a way out.

Sweden-Mink farm

The fur farm was situated right next to a lake where we hope that as many as possible now get to live.

In a world where freedom exists only in moments of rebellion and insurrection, we still think that the possibility of life in the forest and lake is quite the opposite of that in a cage.

We do recognize that the already destroyed eco-systems and colonized nature is nothing like a dream, but since it is all that we have it is where we will go from our imprisoned existences.


A passion for freedom is what drove us to this hidden killing facility to increase freedom for all of us.

Our desire to share this moment of freedom with the minks is rooted in solidarity and love as well as anger and hatred towards those who dominate us and try to steal our lives.

We strongly believe that there is no limit to the things we can do, all we need is to make up our minds and pick a target”.


And I mean…The Swedish government decided on January 27, 2021, to ban fur farming in Sweden until the end of 2021.

On October 3, 2010, around 18,000 mink were released from a fur farm in Skillingaryd, Sweden. According to media reports, only 4,000 mink were recaptured and around 50 were run over by cars.



This means that around 14,000 mink have been given the chance to live in freedom.
Just one day later, on October 4th, another 4,000 mink were released at a facility near Vaggeryd, Sweden.

The action was one of the largest liberation actions in the history of the animal liberation movement.

In the same year, the largest animal liberation action in the history of the animal rights movement took place in Greece, where around 50,000 mink were freed from a farm

Since the Swedish animal rights organization Djurrattsalliansen published extensive research on fur farms in August 2010, the Swedish fur industry has been under enormous pressure, not least because of media interest.

Today, and thanks to Corona, the list of countries that have banned this cruel business is growing every day!

In Austria, Great Britain, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Macedonia, fur farms are prohibited by law.
A fur farming ban came into force in the Czech Republic in 2019

In the Netherlands, the second-largest mink producer in Europe that keeps chinchillas and foxes is already banned. The last mink farms should close in 2024 as the farms will close this year due to the coronavirus.

Then came Norway, Denmark …Only Finland persistently does the cruel business in the north.
In Germany, no more animals were kept on the last German fur farm in Rahden (North Rhine-Westphalia) in March 2019

Corona has dealt the last blow to this cruel business for a year.
Before that, however, it was also the economic losses caused by the direct exemption measures in fur farms that also contributed to the death of the fur industry.

Supported by our demos, petitions, and the educational work of the animal rights organizations

We sincerely thank the activists and wish those who have been liberated a long life in nature.

My best regards to all, Venus


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