Austria: injured piglets and rotting pig corpses

The “Association against animal factories” reveals: terrible conditions in Lower Austria pig breeding
Injured piglets, rotting children next to their mothers, cramped crates for lifelong pigs, fully slatted floors, and painful castration – criminal charges filed!

Image: VgT

The “Association Against Animal Factories” (VGT)- Austria), has now uncovered a particularly cruel case of animal cruelty in Lower Austria: terrible conditions prevail on a pig fattening operation in St. Pölten.
Between 150 and 200 mother sows are kept here for life in crates and on fully slatted floors.

The agony of the pigs and piglets is unbelievable.
Dead piglets lie next to their mothers for days

Image: VgT

The little piglets show bleeding scratches and bite wounds all over their bodies. The reason for this is easy to explain: in performance breeding, pig mothers give birth to far too many piglets at once and the fight for the lower number of teats is inevitable.

Image: VgT

In the so-called “farrowing pens”, where the mothers are housed, there is no going back and forth for the pigs.

They have to come to terms with the fact that their already decaying, dead children are lying next to them, who are only collected in a bucket days later.

Conditions that, according to the law, shouldn’t be:

According to the Austrian Animal Welfare Act, female sows may spend a maximum of 10 days for fertilization and only “the critical days” in the farrowing pen in the body-sized cages, the so-called crate stalls.

This law was apparently ignored in the St. Pölten company. Cobwebs show that no pig has moved freely here for a long time.

Eggs and tails off!

Image: VgT

The male piglets are also castrated here without anesthesia. This bestial procedure is still allowed in Austria, but pain relievers must be administered.

On the video of the VGT, you can see that the piglets are being given an injection, but they don’t even think to wait until the effect occurs. They have to be given about 30 minutes before treatment to be effective.

Snap snap!

And as if that wasn’t enough? Contrary to EU law, the tails of all pigs were also cut off in order to ensure that the desperate animals do not bite each other off when the conditions are poor.

Fully slatted floors

Image: VgT

The annoying issue of fully slatted floors is of course “well implemented” here.

You won’t find straw or any other litter here. The consequences are the usual suffering of the animals on fully slatted floors: sore joints and injured claws.

Even a boar has to live on a fully slatted floor without bedding on this farm – but keeping boars like this is prohibited by law.

David Richter, the VGT pig expert, said: “Stables like these show, on the one hand, the legally permitted brutality against individuals capable of suffering, and on the other hand, it was possible to demonstrate how the already weak animal protection regulations in Austria are shamelessly ignored.
We demand effective measures to alleviate the unbearable suffering of the animals concerned. “

Here you can differentiate the petition against the fully slatted floors!

And I mean… It is time for Agriculture Minister Elisabeth Köstinger, who is responsible for the criminal abuses in the animal industry, to step down.

The best thing would be for the entire People’s Party to resign, a party of liars that has long tolerated and supported this illegal situation in animal farms.

My best regards to all, Venus

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