The Community of Madrid will subsidize 18 bullfighting celebrations with 1 million euros

The government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso wants to reactivate the celebration of bullfighting celebrations within the community, subsidizing with around one million euros for the Toro de Lidia foundation, which will organize a ‘tour’ of nine bullfights and nine novilladas (bullfights with young bulls)

The president of the Community of Madrid and PP candidate for re-election, Isabel Díaz Ayuso

The president of the Community of Madrid and PP candidate for re-election, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, announced this Thursday that she has given a “green light” to the signing of a collaboration agreement, with the Fundación del Toro de Lidia, to put into march the bullfighting 2021-2022 and celebrate 18 bullfighting festivals in municipalities with less than 8,000 inhabitants. In addition, Ayuso has announced another endowment of 3 million euros for the fighting bull herds of the community.

Despite the fact that the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas does not currently provide any type of shows with bulls, at the Vistalegre Palace in Madrid it does seem that bullfights may be held, from May 13 to 23, predictably with a capacity reduced to 50%, although it continues to await official confirmation from the Community of Madrid.
This permit will arrive after the regional elections on May 4.

In addition, the increase in the price of tickets and season tickets is infuriating for fans: The cheapest season ticket is € 370, which is a minimum price of € 30 per celebration. From there, quotas close to € 1,300 are reached.

The Ayuso government heads the ranking of the communities that are giving the most money to the bullfighting sector, with up to 4.6 million euros in 2020 for bull herds, and now this million euros for 2021-2022 for the celebration of bullfighting festivities with death.

No to aid to bullfighting!

Autonomous governments and provincial councils are allocating extraordinary items for the rescue of bullfighting due to the effects of the coronavirus, which would already touch 7.7 million euros.

We, AnimaNaturalis we have been investigating these aids since the beginning of the pandemic, regularly updating this information.
In this article, we break down the different aids that the bullfighting sector is receiving.

More than 183,000 people have already asked the Minister of Culture not to allocate aid for the rescue of the bullfighting sector.

Faced with the COVID19 crisis, we have a unique opportunity to leave behind the privileges of the past, to build a world without bullfighting.

Without the millionaire budget items that the bullfighting sector receives, cruel animal shows will disappear.

And I mean…Many people in Spain have to beg for food, the country has more than 2.8 million deaths due to Corona.
The Taurinos are now holding out their hands and begging like a toddler from corrupt politicians so that their “culture of the Jitanos” can continue to exist.

As the Pisa study shows, when it comes to education, Spain is at the very bottom in Europe, which is also noticeable in the fact that traditions from the Middle Ages are perceived with enthusiasm, which only scares off and disgusts any other educated person.

Do the Spaniards really believe that in the current economic and health situation, there are no more important things to do with this money and want to spend the millions in such barbarism?

It’s not about being for or against bullfighting! it’s about that if you look at the Spaniards you can see that they lack a lot of money to eat or to pay for their electricity or gas!

And no, we won’t look the other way because this is a lucrative business for a bunch of idiots.
We will continue to fight to put an end to this barbarism, and we know it, the time is ticking for animals.

My best regards to all, Venus


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