Recent Posts – Take Your Pick; Enjoy.

Here are a selection of posts published recently on our WAV site – World Animals Voice – Animal news from around the world.

Select any of the items and you will be automatically directed over to WAV.  We hope there are several posts here which you will enjoy.

Brazil: Beef giant JBS vows to go deforestation-free — 14 years from now ! – World Animals Voice

International: Whale Wars. An Insight Into ‘Sea Shepherd’ and What They Will Do To Protect Whales. Videos to Enjoy ! – World Animals Voice

USA: Introducing ‘The Mission’, A New Video Series on the Transformation Work of ‘Mercy for Animals’. – World Animals Voice

England: Vegan Butcher Faux ‘Blown Away’ By Demand As Huge Queues Gather – Sells Out of Stock On 3 Consecutive Days ! – World Animals Voice

England: Man adopts rescue fox after it crawls into his jacket sleeve for a snooze. And Now, A Book For Fox Rescue As A Result. – World Animals Voice

In Memory of Dr. Elliot Katz, D.V.M. Animal Rights Activist / Campaigner. – World Animals Voice

EU: Animal welfare: Publication of the Evaluation of EU’s Strategy. When Do They Enter ‘Real World’ ? – World Animals Voice

Poland, Romania, Italy: New investigation on the transport of lambs for Easter: Animal Equality, Animal Welfare Foundation and ENPA denounce unacceptable situation. – World Animals Voice

England: Cute or What ? – Little Lamb Born With Its Own ‘Covid Facemask’ Markings. – World Animals Voice

USA: 10 Amazing Animals You Need To Meet: Their Rescue Stories Told In Photos. – World Animals Voice

USA: “I Remember Their Eyelashes”: Why I Chose to Stop Consuming Dairy. – World Animals Voice

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