for the day of the penguins

During our campaigns in the Southern Ocean, our crews often had nice encounters with penguins.
They are definitely one of our favorites among flightless birds.

But the idyllic images are often deceptive – unfortunately penguins don’t have it easy either: climate change, overfishing, and the destruction of their habitats are affecting penguin populations all over the world.

There are 18 species in the world and in the video you will meet some representatives who we have already run into during our missions.

Text on the video): there are 18 different species of penguins some are small and some are large
they cannot fly
but are very good swimmers
and very good at waddling
we fight to protect the penguins
and all marine life

Sea Shepherd Deutschland

 And I mean…Every year on April 25th is World Penguin Day.

It is therefore important to remember the day because it should draw attention to the fact that litter in the oceans and climate change are a threat to animals.
These sea birds are critically endangered.

Because the warming of the earth causes the sea ice to decline, the penguins find fewer and fewer krill, the small crustaceans that they mainly feed on.

Plastic garbage – the garbage from human animals – causes them – like all marine animals – great difficulties.

Humboldt penguins are among the most threatened species. Twice as many of them now live in zoos and animal parks as in the wild.

Humboldt penguins

By the way, not all penguins are the same.

Because of ice: not every penguin feels comfortable there, according to the WWF. Some species live in warmer regions, such as the little penguins in Australia.

penguins in Australia.

Penguins can withstand up to -70 degrees. Their water-repellent feathers and the layer of fat protect them from cooling down.

Penguins are considered monogamous and loyal.
We love these wonderful animals and want to continue fighting against the loss of their habitat.

My best regards to all, Venus


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