Germany- Nature Conservation Association and the betrayal of the crows

The organization SOKO animal protection and the magazine “DER SPIEGEL” reveal:

The German Nature Conservation Association # NABU # supplied the University of Tübingen with crows for experiments in which electrodes were operated on in the brain.

Their heads were drilled open, they were locked up, tied up, and all to find out how intelligent the birds are and what goes on in the crows’ brains as they learn.

Carrion crows in the laboratory of the University of Tübingen

SOKO Tierschutz prepares legal steps against the experiments and the improper use of the animals.

According to a statement from NABU on its homepage, NABU was asked for animals by Prof. Nieder from the University of Tübingen, and these were given to him.

In the meantime, NABU has published a statement on this – nothing was known about these attempts, so the argument goes.

“If the Nature Conservation Federation had been aware of such animal experiments, no carrion crows would have been handed in,” says NABU.

That sounds like washing your hands and trying to cover up.

That cannot be true either, because NABU, which learned the facts months ago, will only come to the public after the report by the magazine “Der Spiegel”.

The Nature Conservation Federation (NABU) claims that they assumed that the carrion crows that were sold would only be used for breeding or for non-invasive behavioral research.
This is a pure farce.

Because at the University of Tübingen horrific animal experiments are carried out.
And NABU must have known that.

And one more thing: Shouldn’t NABU already have a contract from the university back then, in which the protection of animals is specified and guaranteed?

In the meantime, every clear-thinking person should be aware that the German nature conservation association does not practice animal protection, but is playing a dangerous game with the razor blade.

Many people support NABU, financially and voluntarily, in good faith in animal welfare.
Animals lost their lives and with it, the trust of supporters was abused.

P.S: the head of the NABU, the president is a hunter.
Such a union cannot represent the animals!

My best regards to all, Venus


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