Activists Barred from Access to Sombor City Pound – and Taking Photographs

Slavica says:

This is the door to death.

Activists of APS ZOV /Alliance for Animal Rights :  Snezana Tadic , Mileva
Kapusta, Miroslav Pujic  have attempted to visit the dogs at the city pound Sombor;
but the door was closed and a sign has been put up, banning the taking of photographs (see pictures below).
They have information that dogs  will be killed at the end of this week, despite our requests to rescue and take the dogs. 
Vet inspector said  that  vet Dubravka Dusanic will decide which dogs will be killed; tthose classed as aggressive , or ill, although she has declared all animals before which have been killed as being ill,  and that is not true.

Vet inspector Miladin Mikovic is person who can on behalf of Sanja Celebicanin and STOP THIS KILLING.
His mobile  phone number is 00 381 63 573 282,
his Fax  00381 25 432 450.



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