Uk: Please Sign the Petition for an 8 Hour Limit on Animal Journeys

Sign the 8 hours petition

Leading MEP calls for a limit of 8 hours on transport to slaughter

Compassion in World Farming is delighted to be joining forces with MEP Neil Parish in support of his petition calling for an EU-wide limit of 8 hours on journeys to slaughter. Neil is Chairman of the European Parliament’s influential Agriculture Committee as well as being Chair of the Parliament’s Intergroup for Animal Welfare. Working with MEPs from across Europe, Neil aims to get a million signatures on the petition.

The timing of this new initiative is spot on. The EU Transport Regulation is to be reviewed shortly. A million signature petition could help spell the end of the long slaughter journeys which criss-cross Europe and cause so much suffering.


·                         Please sign the petition by visiting

·                         See other ways you can help stop live transport

·                         Compassion in World Farming’s report Long distance animal transport in Europe 2008 ( 1276.17KB)

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