USA: Sarah Palin Conducts a ‘No Problem With It’ Interview in Front of Turkeys Being Slaughtered

"Turkeys slaughtered as Palin addresses media"
Sarah Palin, shows her blatant disregard for all living things 
as she conducts a tv interview in front of turkeys being 
SAV ask why stations such as msnbc have to ask parents 
to send their children out of the room whilst this is being 
shown. If parents want their children to grow up eating
 dead animals, then the very least a child should learn 
is where their dead animal meat comes from, and the 
taking of a life which is involved.
Giving warnings and covering up the ‘nasty bits’ shows 
just how pathetic the media has become nowdays.
This Thanksgiving, lets all just send thanks across the 
World that Sarah Palin will not be sitting in the 
White House next year.


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