Humane Society Sues Over Fur … and Take Action Against FUR Being Sold on Amazon

Humane Society sues retailers, designers over fur

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Article that just appeared in the Miami Herald.  Monday, 11.24.08

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Humane Society sues retailers, designers over fur


Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON — The Humane Society of the United States filed a lawsuit Monday against six major retailers and fashion designers alleging they falsely advertise and label fur garments.

The suit claims that Dillard’s, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and designer Andrew Marc misrepresent fur products by labeling and marketing them as “faux fur,” when they are not; or by advertising and labeling products as common raccoon, fox or rabbit fur, when they are really made from raccoon dog, a canine species from Asia.

The complaint also alleges that the retailers are in violation of the federal Fur Products Labeling Act and Federal Trade Commission Act, which prohibit mislabeling of fur products.

Rebecca Judd, senior attorney with the Humane Society, said the group is seeking a court order to halt to what she called deceptive business practices by retailers.

“We filed this after we tried now for several years to have the fur industry stop their widespread false advertising and labeling,” Judd said.

She added the group wants to alert consumers, especially those concerned about animal welfare, that fur garments are “best left out of the shopping bag.”

Representatives from Macy’s and Neiman Marcus said they don’t comment on pending litigation. Dillard’s, Lord & Taylor and Andrew Marc did not return telephone calls for comment. A representative from Saks could not be immediately reached by The Associated Press after calls seeking comment.

Judd said the suit was filed in D.C. under its Consumer Protection Procedures Act because the Humane Society focused much of its investigation in the Washington region. All the retailers named in the suit have stores in the area. Andrew Marc sells his brands online and in retail stores around Washington.

Since it began investigating in 2005, Judd said the Humane Society has sent dozens of letters to retailers – including those named in Monday’s suit – informing them of their findings.

Some companies, including Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger stopped selling fur products, Judd said. Others, such as rap artist Sean “Diddy” Combs, quit producing coats from his Sean John line that had raccoon dog fur; and rapper Jay-Z pulled coats with raccoon dog from his Rocawear label.

Raccoon dogs resemble oversized, fluffy raccoons and aren’t kept as pets. According to the suit, more than 1.5 million of them are being raised for their fur in China, and have been documented to be skinned alive. Importing raccoon dog fur isn’t illegal.

The Humane Society never received a “written commitment to stop selling mislabeled fur” from the six defendants after alerting them to the group’s findings, Judd said.

The defendants are also among more than 20 companies named in two legal petitions the Humane Society filed earlier this year and in 2007 with the Federal Trade Commission, which enforces the federal fur labeling act.

In the petitions, the animal rights group ask the commission to fine the high-end retailers and designers of clothing that contains mislabeled fur. The group also would like inventories seized and, possibly, charges filed.

In 2007, Charles Jayson, chief executive of Andrew Marc, disputed the Humane Society and insisted in a statement that all fur on his coats labeled as raccoon contains “only farm-bred raccoon fur from Finland, and our items labeled ‘faux fur’ are a 100 percent synthetic fabric.”

Mislabeling fur is a misdemeanor punishable by up to a $5,000 fine or a year in prison. Fur valued at less than $150 doesn’t have to be labeled.

The petitions are still pending.

The Humane Society said it began investigating mislabeled fur claims after the society got a tip from someone who bought a coat with trim labeled as faux fur that felt real. At the time, teams bought coats from popular retailers and then had the coats tested by mass spectrometry, which measures the mass and sequence of proteins.

The society said most of the fur came from China.

Associated Press writer Sarah Skidmore contributed to this report.



Urge to Stop Selling Fur

Today: Call-In Day: And Click Below To Send An E-mail!

Fur Free Friday is almost here and activists everywhere are hunkering down to finalize their plans for the most prolific Fur Free Friday yet! In fact, this year, events are taking place in over 75 cities on every continent besides Antarctica! Hopefully there is an event close enough for you to participate. If not, you can still help fur-bearing animals by asking to stop selling fur today!


Every year, over 50 million animals are brutally killed and skinned to make fur products. While many companies have pledged to go fur-free, other popular companies, such as, continue to cause and profit from animal suffering.


After receiving nearly 12,000 emails,’s competitor,, recently stopped selling all items with fur and pledged to stay fur-free. Now we need you to help us convince Amazon to follow Zappos’ lead and become fur-free, as so many other retailers – including Nike, Gap, J. Crew, Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Forever 21 – have.


What you can do:


Please click here to send an e-mail to CEO Jeff Bezos politely asking him to remove fur from the Web site permanently! Then follow up with a letter, fax and/or personal email: Inc.
1200 12th Ave. S., Ste. 1200
Seattle, WA 98144
(206) 622-2335; press O to speak to an operator


Talking Points:

  • I was disappointed to learn that contributes to the suffering of millions of animals by selling real fur–and thrilled to learn that your competitor,, has recently gone fur-free.
  • As you know, animals on fur farms spend their entire lives confined to cramped, filthy wire cages.
  • Fur farmers use the cheapest and cruelest killing methods available, including suffocation, electrocution, gassing, and poisoning.
  • With so many alternatives to animal fur available, it’s time for your company to remove fur from its collections permanently. Whether it comes from minks, foxes, raccoons, chinchillas, beavers, rabbits, or lynxes, fur looks best on its original owners.
  • Please do the right thing: Follow Zappos’ lead and ditch the fur.

All of these talking points are already inserted in the e-mail you can send in ten seconds by clicking here:


Spain (Ibiza): Terrible Suffering of Islands Galgos Dogs

Ibiza – we have been sent these terrible photographs of Galgos dogs on the island.  Information is very limited at present, but we give e mail addresses below to which complaints can be made.

Please send your requests / protests / comments to :;;; ,;;,; ;,,

Inform them that you will be boycotting Ibiza, and informing all your family and friends of the terrible suffering of the Galgos.

If any of our Spanish friends can provide more information, then we will be happy to publish – Thank You.








Close Down the ‘Bonsai Kitten’ Web Site – Action Needed Now Please


One of the perverted images shown on the FAKE Web Site.


Dear Friends,



You’ve probably heard about the Bonsai Kitten Web site, which claims to be selling kittens who have been stuffed into bottles and drugged in order to make them grow in the shape of the bottle.

Unfortunately, there are some mentally deranged cranks out there who get a real twist from this kind of thing – we say they need to be stopped, and stopped now !  

This whole web site NEEDS TO BE CLOSED DOWN, and you can help to do this.  

Please sign the petition below and help shut down Bonsai Kitten once and for all, and pass this message along to your friends so that they can sign too.


Thank You – SAV.



USA: Sarah Palin Conducts a ‘No Problem With It’ Interview in Front of Turkeys Being Slaughtered

"Turkeys slaughtered as Palin addresses media"
Sarah Palin, shows her blatant disregard for all living things 
as she conducts a tv interview in front of turkeys being 
SAV ask why stations such as msnbc have to ask parents 
to send their children out of the room whilst this is being 
shown. If parents want their children to grow up eating
 dead animals, then the very least a child should learn 
is where their dead animal meat comes from, and the 
taking of a life which is involved.
Giving warnings and covering up the ‘nasty bits’ shows 
just how pathetic the media has become nowdays.
This Thanksgiving, lets all just send thanks across the 
World that Sarah Palin will not be sitting in the 
White House next year.


Uk: Please Sign the Petition for an 8 Hour Limit on Animal Journeys

Sign the 8 hours petition

Leading MEP calls for a limit of 8 hours on transport to slaughter

Compassion in World Farming is delighted to be joining forces with MEP Neil Parish in support of his petition calling for an EU-wide limit of 8 hours on journeys to slaughter. Neil is Chairman of the European Parliament’s influential Agriculture Committee as well as being Chair of the Parliament’s Intergroup for Animal Welfare. Working with MEPs from across Europe, Neil aims to get a million signatures on the petition.

The timing of this new initiative is spot on. The EU Transport Regulation is to be reviewed shortly. A million signature petition could help spell the end of the long slaughter journeys which criss-cross Europe and cause so much suffering.


·                         Please sign the petition by visiting

·                         See other ways you can help stop live transport

·                         Compassion in World Farming’s report Long distance animal transport in Europe 2008 ( 1276.17KB)

Serbia: Good News from Jelena’s Shelter – and Help Needed (Donations) for an Injured Kitten

Jelena has sent an update on some of her animals, and 
also a new kitten who is in need of donations to cover medical 
Here is a photo of ‘Poli’ in her new home.
After whole life of 6 years spent in our shelter, she has finally 
found the loving home she deserves!
Thank you Mr Beil and Claudia from ACA!

Also, an appeal to find a home for ‘Miona’ was put out some 
weeks ago, and the picture of her desperately waiting behind 
the fence for a caring owner can be seen on the following link:
Well there has been a fantastic result, and here is a latest 
photo of ‘Miona’ in the arms of her new mum.

And finally, an appeal for your donations:
This little kitten was found injured next to the garbage bin. 

Both of her left legs were broken. 
Firstly, Jelena took her into the shelter, and then took her to 
the vet, for x rays. 
The vet stated that the operation to repair the little kittens 
legs would cost 13000 dinars which is around 150 Euros. 

If anyone would like to make a donation to help with the 
costs then it would be greatly appreciated.
Also, Jelena is looking for suggestions of a name for 
the kitten – she is a little girl. 
***UPDATE*** - Please see news and photographs below 
- 20th November.

Jelena is always looking for loving homes to take animals 
from the shelter and to give them a loving home.  
Please look at the links below and see who is ready to be adopted.  
Donations to Jelena’s shelter can be made by visiting the 
bottom of the following link:




For Jelena’s shelter information, please access the following SAV links:


 and then please GIVE A DONATION  !!


Information about donating can be found at the bottom of the following link:


Please put the word out to everyone that you know.

Thank You from Jelena and SAV. 

20th November – Jelena has just sent in the latest on the kitten – the vet discovered that her third leg and pelvis was also broken.  Now everything has been repaired and we have some pictures of the kitten after her surgery.  She looks poorly, but as she is very young she will get better very soon it is hoped.

When she is better, Jelena and SAV would love to see someone adopt the little kitten and give her any care she requires and a permanent loving home.  Could that be you, or do you know anyone who could do this ?

Here are the post surgery photographs:







Here worst troubles are over now and she is safe and under the excellent care of Jelena.

Donations  to help the vet fees and to cover her needs are very much welcomed – see above for donations.

Stay safe and warm little lady – what will be her name ? – see above.


PETA, the biggest animal protection organization with its 1.8 million members, has applied to EU Parliament to stop animal massacre in Turkey.

PETA Germany has made a demo in front of EU Parliament in Brussels, to draw attention to their petition on November 13, 2008.


The whole world is protesting against the cruelty towards animals in Turkey.


Please, don’t  ignore this violence towards animals.

Please, let’s make our voice heard to make Animal Protection Law No 5199 implemented.


For photographs of the demo and PETA’s press release please visit and cross post.





1.8 milyon üyesi ile dünyanin en büyük hayvan koruma örgütü olan PETA, Türkiye’yi, hayvanlara yönelik sistematik kötü muamele nedeniyle Avrupa Parlementosuna şikayet etti.  13 Kasım, 2008 günü, Bruksel’de Avrupa Parlementosu önünde, dilekçeye dikkat çekmek için bir gösteri düzenlediler.


Bütün dünya Türkiye’de süregelen hayvan katliamını protesto ediyor.


Lütfen,  bu şiddeti görmezlikten gelmeyelim.

Lütfen,  5199 sayılı Hayvanları Koruma Yasasının uygulanması için  sesimizi duyuralım.


Gösterinin fotograflari ve PETA’nin basın bildirisi icin lutfen adresini ziyaret edin ve dagitimi icin yardimci olun.

See graphic images of other Turkish animal abuse at: