30/9/20: Breaking – Nordstrom has just announced that it will stop selling fur and exotic skins!

Following on from the great news yesterday from France –  https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2020/09/29/breaking-29-9-20-fur-free-alliance-announce-victory-france-to-ban-fur-farming/  we can inform you of even more great news today; 30/9/20.

After decades of massive pressure from PETA and other activists, Nordstrom has just announced that it will stop selling fur and exotic skins!

PETA’s campaign urging Nordstrom to go fur-free started back in the 1980s—when we made it a major target for Fur-Free Friday. The company dropped fur from its own line in 2006 but continued to sell fur in clothing from other brands, including Canada Goose’s coyote fur–trimmed jackets. PETA supporters took tens of thousands of actions to urge Nordstrom to ban fur.

The company’s decision to drop exotic skins follows PETA investigations exposing the cruelty involved in every alligator-skin watch and snakeskin purse as well as a trend in which companies like Calvin Klein and Chanel have gone exotic skins–free.

If you’ve ever taken a stance against the cruel fur and exotic-skins industries, you’re a part of this victory—so thank you!

Please take a moment to thank Nordstrom and urge it to go even further—by eliminating wool, leather, and all other animal-derived materials.

Nordstrom Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Nordstrom

Thank you for your compassion for animals.



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