Namibia: the bloodshed has begun


Every year in Namibia, 86,000 Cape Fur Seal pups are butchered to death.



Namibia is the only southern hemisphere country where seals are commercially slaughtered and the only country in the world where slaughter of puppies still nursed by mothers is possible.

The cruel seal hunt is actually known only from Canada. And Canada has also resumed the bloody seal hunt, although demand for seal products has plummeted.

But even on another continent, seals are slaughtered by the thousands.
Between 80,000 and 100,000 dwarf fur seals, also known as eared seals, cavort at the Cape Cross on the rocks in Namibia.


Over the next four months, as we learn, thousands of seals living in Cape Cross and Atlas Bay are brutally killed for their fur, oil and genitals. The genitals are exported to Asia.

The terrible bloodshed has already begun. The hunting season lasts 139 days from July to November.


The butcher of Namibia – Hatem Yavuz



Hatem Yavuz, known as the butcher of Namibia, is the man responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of seals – both in Canada and Namibia, according to


Yavuz is an Australian citizen and also has Turkish citizenship.

He is honorary consul in Namibia for Turkey and has as a diplomat both a luxury vehicle and offices, which are paid by the Namibian taxpayer. As a Consul of Namibia, he is a government official and benefits directly from the sale of the country’s assets, according to the organization.



The Turkish and Australian based company Hatem Yavuz named after the owner Hatem Yavuz controls roughly 60 percent of the world’s seal market and processes 130,000 seal pelts every year in his Istanbul factory. Yavuz also has a hand in the Canadian seal market and claims to be proud of what he does. In an interview that spurred a flurry of hate mail, Yavuz told 7 News” in Australia that “It’s a job. If I don’t do it, someone else is going to do it.”

He is called the King of Seal Killers.


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My comment: I read in another website that this bloody spectacle is a popular tourist attraction.

If some dull, mentally ill proletarians can find it beautiful, get excited, and enjoy how innocent and utterly defenseless animals suffer and are tortured to death like this, then they are nothing more than pathetic monsters, and they do not deserve anything like their own human rights.

The Government of Namibia allows this. The Government of Australia, Turkey and Canada allows fur trade.

And if the butcher Hatem Yavuz says massacring innocent beings is just a job, then why is he no longer burning witches, or selling slaves? That would be good business too.

For this, all he needs to do is make an offer to the governments that they can not refuse.

My best regards, Venus


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