USA: Stop the lies, stop the suffering. Tell the USDA To Put Animal Welfare Ahead of Corporate Interests.

Stop the lies, stop the suffering.

Action required BEFORE 17th January – please act now.

Dear Mark,

We need your help.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is once again putting corporate interests ahead of animal welfare and consumer rights.

In December, the USDA announced plans to scrap the Organic Animal Rule requiring organic farmers to raise their animals more humanely than animals on factory farms. The agency seems determined to ignore the fact that tens of thousands of you spoke up over many years in support of the new rule.

As required by law, USDA has opened one last comment period before it intends to pull the plug for good.

We only have until January 17 to tell it that this decision is irresponsible and unacceptable.

Most people assume that “USDA Organic” farm animals spend time outdoors, with the sun on their backs and grass beneath them. But in reality, the Organic program has only a handful of poorly defined, completely inadequate animal care standards.

Some large-scale “organic” farms take advantage of this and keep animals crammed indoors. The Organic Animal Rule would finally define outdoor access and provide other basic protections for farm animals so all organic farms would be required to give their animals better lives.

If the USDA succeeds in killing this rule, it would put the 100 million animals raised on organic farms each year in danger and prioritize the profits of a few companies at the expense of consumers, who expect better when they pay a premium for Organic products.

We have just over one week left to fight back, so please take action before it’s too late.

If you believe farm animals deserve to be treated humanely, please visit to quickly and easily submit a comment to the USDA demanding the Organic Rule be implemented as promised.


Alternatively, use the link given below – SAV.

On behalf of America’s farm animals, thank you.

Action link -must be BEFORE 17th January 2018. 





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