India (Mumbai): Beautiful Pups Who Need a New Home

Dear dog-lover,
All the pups in these photos live in Sangeeta Apartments, Juhu, Mumbai. The brown one on the bed is Picolo, the male of the litter. He recently got adopted by June Basar and now lives in her apartment. June would have loved to keep them all but can’t keep more than one due to space constraints.


Picolo (the male dog)

She is looking after the two sisters, has had them dewormed and bathes them. They live under a car in the building compound, a risky life at best. Their mother was lame and malnourished and has recently disappeared (perhaps poisoned). There was a fourth pup who has also vanished.


Picolo’s sister (with White paws)



Please circulate this message to all the dog lovers you know and do your best to get them adopted.

The perfect owners are out there somewhere. It’s just a question of reaching out and finding them.

For more information, email June on or call her on 09820501101.

Thanks and best wishes,

Rajashree Khalap

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