Uk: ‘Tail Wags Shop’ Now Ready for Business to Help Support Serbian Animal Shelter


A great friend of SAV, Jean Bird, who lives in the Uk and works forever raising funds for Jelenas shelter in Nis, Serbia, has now set up a Tail Wags Shop on ebay, where a whole range of items can be purchased; all monies going to the Nis shelter.  Please give Jean and tail wags all the help and support that you can – both with purchases AND with DONATIONS of ITEMS to be Sold.

If you wish to contact Jean for any donations of items you have, please e mail her at:

This is a message from Jean about the establishment of ‘Tail wags Shop’ :-

Dear All,

Much blood, sweat and tears this morning and hopefully I have just given birth to Tail Wags Shop! selling lots of goodies to help Jelena’s sanctuary for dogs and cats in Nis Serbia. 

It is a serendipity of unusual items, please visit. 

Fingers crossed that this link is working

Blessings,   Jean (Uk)

Note – all the links to the shelter and work that Jelena is doing for the animals in Nis, Serbia, including how to give a direct donation, can be found at the end of the following SAV link: