To All Our Campaigner Friends ……….

Hi everyone;


I would just like to say ‘Thank You’ to everybody who has been good enough to send in comments on any of the issues covered on our SAV posts.


Thanks go especially to everyone who has acted and written regarding the new EU Written Declaration for pets and strays; we have even had mails going into the EU from Rebecca in Australia – great !


I am sure you will see from the ‘About Us’ section of the site, that SAV is a completely volunteer run thing, and as such it takes a lot of work keeping up to date with animal news from around the World and then selecting issues to put out as posts onto the site. All the team have other daily work issues as well as being involved with SAV; but I think I can say that having complete respect for all animals and desperately wanting to improve the welfare of all animals across the World is what we are all in this for. 


We are not a big team by any means, and we are spread around a bit ! – myself in England, Diana in Germany, Slavica and Jelena in Serbia, Paola in Italy, Branka and Pavel In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Susan In the United States.  But despite all the different language barriers, which can and do cause extra problems between us, and the millions of e mails whizzing daily across the network between us all on a 24/7 basis, we do kind of ‘gel’ and get a few things done.


But its not easy and I know personally that several members of the team often get down about all the bad news which continually seems to arrive.


What do you do ? – you can walk away from it and simply give up and leave it all to someone else, or you can put your cards on the table and asked to be counted in.  We have all been counted in and simply do what we can, when we are able to.  That’s all that can be asked of anyone.  You don’t learn to be an animal welfare person, its just the natural way that you are from the very start. 


Because of other work and other individual animal issues we are all specifically dedicated to, as much as we would like, it is virtually impossible to be in a position to respond individually to the comments left by you, (all of) our campaigning friends.  So apologies there.  If I do see anything which I can address, then I will try to get back to you; but unfortunately time (or lack of) and animal issues across the globe take up all the spare time that there is.


I hope you enjoy visiting us regularly and seeing what stories and campaigns we have and are currently promoting or working on.  Overall, we ARE making a differnce in so many areas; the EU Written Declaration being such an example.  A year or two ago such a thing regarding potential legislation right across Europe for pet and stray animals was simply a ‘pipe dream’ for us all; but now we have a written proposal from Mr. Neil Parish MEP; President of the European Parliament Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals, along with Alain Hutchinson and David Hammerstein.  Now, this very day and in the next few months, with some good campaigning, we must endevour to work and get enough support within the EU Parliament to make such a difference for tens of thousands of animals across the European Union.  Who knows what could happen after that ? – the EU legislation being a potential blueprint for stray animal population control in other parts of the World ?


The Intergoup links are:


  and it is well worth having a look now and again to see what is being done within Europe for animal welfare.


Thanks again for visiting us at ‘Serbian Animals Voice’; we value your global contribution to helping improve animal welfare and we appreciate the wonderful messages of support and thanks that you have left in our Guest Book which is always open on the site.


One of my favorite sayings is that of President Harry Truman; something which I always have in the back of my mind whenever I campaign for the welfare of other sentient beings,


“I never give them hell; I just tell the truth and they think it’s hell”.


Please, simply tell the truth and we will move forward in a massive way.


Regards – Mark;  Kent, England, Uk.