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The following link is an article in Romanian, and the story of some recent events (in my city Braila – Feb 11th, 2009), showing how the authorities do their job, for what we paid them, to enforce the laws.


This is not a singular case, but our actions here allow us to get to some conclusions.

Title of the article: Police, humiliated by dogcatchers


On Feb 11th, 2009 I caught the dogcatchers ‘at work’, and I called  the police to check their authorizations to use tranquilizers. Only the vet is authorized to use such substances.  4 dogcatchers were involved in this action, together with an employee of city hall. The one using the tranquilizing gun is subject of another investigation by police for felony under the law for animal protection. His son attacked me in Oct.2008, and I filled a complaint against him – the father was there too, instigating him to beat me.


The dogcatchers were accompanied by an employee of city hall; they fled before the police’s arrival, even though they were said to await the police.


Video (shows also the illegal ‘tool’ they use to catch the dogs):


The only method used to catch the dogs here is by tranquilizing gun.This is abusive, the tranquilizing gun can be used only in certain situations. And such drugs must be administered only by a vet.


If they picked up aggressive dogs, there would be a reasonable explanation for what they do, but they take all dogs on the way, dogs that make no troubles, and dogs that are spayed. Instead of the spayed dogs, the room will be taken by fertile dogs, from the surroundings. The dogpound has no veterinarian authorization, is overcrowded, there are hundreds of dogs (800-900) in the dogpound, tens of females and males together in a pen. The dogs are not sterilised.


What they do in the coming period, the dogs’ “weddings”? I can only suppose the dogs with such troubles are quickly eliminated. No dog has ever been  spayed by this NGO. They just ‘eliminate’ dogs. We’ve never met any veterinarian at dogpound, on any of our visits, since sept 2006. The vet is only to stamp the papers.


By which mistery a dogpound of 520 places capacity (the official estimate of ANSV, Oct 2008. – ) keeps impounding hundreds or thousands of dogs caught from Braila’s streets?


FRPCA filled many complaints against them with police, the veterinarian authority (DSV, ANSV), national anticorruption department. A complaint in court that this unit is not authorized to catch and impound dogs, was rejected, on the reason that ‘there is no other place to impound dogs’. so the court keeps an illegal unit running and wasting public money, instead of enforcing the law. the dogpound activity should have been banned.


The things are always ‘solved’, no complete investigation is made. For instance, after this action, police should have picked up the arrows, the gun, and the ‘tranquilized dogs’, since the case will get to the court. They failed to do that, since they were not allowed in the dogpound. What substance they used, if police didn’t collect the arrows and the dogs? it could be anything, poison too, or a lethal dose of any drug. What action is this, it rather helps and covers perpetrators?


The food the dogs get in the ‘dogpound’ consists of bare bones. The weak dogs cannot get closer to the ‘food’, having only 2 options: starving or being mauled by the others. the air is stinking from distance, of rotting bones, urine, faeces. Sick dogs are together with healthy ones. It’s a dog Auschwitz there, paid from taxpayers’ money. The mayor washes the hands: if somebody sends him an e-mail that some dogs make noise, he sends the dogcatchers. Sometimes people sends complaints to get revenge on neighbours that feed the street dogs.


There are thousands of dogs in people’s courtyards, making noise as well. Street dogs pay for everything, even for what they never do.


Got at dogpound, police was kept at gate by employees, the discussion took place through the fence. After a while, I was asked by police to stop filming and to get into the car.


Video from the dogpound: the ‘meal’ time (see the film with loudspeakers on):


The dogpound administrator was instructed by horez, the owner of this NGO, to keep police outside.  They refused to show the gun authorization, to show the gun that was used, to show the dogs picked up that day. Police took the names of people that were in action, by statements. They also refused to sign the report, and police invited them to the office.


We made complaint against them for using toxic substances by unauthorized persons, a felony.


I managed to film the action in morning (the video above), but police didn’t collect any materials. Such cases go to court. From outside the dogpound, how you can see the animals’ condition? how the police can enforce the law for animal protection if they are kept at dogpound’s fence?


We made complaint for toxic substances, while our interest is to see how animals are treated there, which we are always refused in that place. the law for animal protection is admirable, but useless.


The NGO’s activity is paid by city hall, and runs on a piece of land that is Horez’s ‘private property’ – the city hall didn’t offer any ground, to allow this private business on public money, at the expense of animals.

Street dogs are a business here in Romania. The city hall wasted 8,5 billion lei (more than 200,000 euro) in 2 years, paid to this NGO, for they to kill and maltreat animals. No sterilization, no pet and yard dogs registering, nothing is used to control the dog population, just dog culling.


Nobody checks how the public money are used. Since 2001, the Romanian administrations spent enormous amounts of public money to solve the dogs problem, and the complaints of citizens against dogs have never stopped – the dogs are eliminated, but the problem remains. The methods used against dogs are brutal: poison, impounding for a while in miserable conditions, after which the dogs ‘vanish’, or releasing them on hunting fields, for the hunters to solve the problem. Even though now, legally, killing of a healthy dog is not permitted anymore.


We, the taxpayers,  have to pay for the animal abuses, and are not permitted to ask questions, to see what happens there.


The law says that after 2 misdemeanors, failing to provide food, shelter, water, medical care, the animals to be seized. The city halls pays for animals to be maltreated, starved, mauling each other on a daily bases. The official report shows that over the period Jan- Sept 2008, out of 1450 impounded dogs in that extermination camp, 1303 died ‘of natural causes’.


Very suspicious these deaths, since all reports by veterinarian inspectors say that the condition of animals in the dogpound is ‘good’!


Nobody knows what  the real situation is, these data are only for financial operations between city-hall and dogcatchers NGO. Those animals are subjected to permanent trauma, which is against  law.


Meanwhile, the impounded dogs are replaced on streets by the next generations of street dogs. Meanwhile, another thousands of euro are wasted by city hall of Braila not for yard dogs to be sterilized, registered – they are source of street dogs, not Ceausescu’s demolitions, but for dogs elimination.


The dog ‘deposits’ will never solve the street dog problem.


City hall refuses any cooperation with Vier Pfoten, that said: city hall must cease any co-operation with NGO Horez.


So, by this faulty investigation of our complaints by the authorities, we can’t expect to ever see the problems solved, and the law for animal protection to be more than a piece of paper.


Daniela Dragomir




In Bucharest millions of euro were consumed since 2001 to kill the dogs, and the number of street dogs seems to be the same.

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(the story of dog business in my city Braila, in Romanian, and also the situation in other few cities).
We need help to make these facts known in European media and to everyone willing to listen to us.