Serbia: A Special Appeal To Help ‘Visnja’s Veterinary Costs





This is a special appeal to help ‘Visnja’.


Last Saturday, she was attacked by the two other dogs she was sharing an enclosure with at the shelter.


Her head and one of her ears were severely damaged.  The vet was immediately called an he stitched her head and her ear, but unfortunately, her body rejected the ear being re-stitched.


Today, 27/02, she has had to have the ear amputated, and the pictures below show her post surgery.  They look very graphic, but please remember her hair has been removed and the stitch wounds are very fresh.  In a very short time the fur will grow back, her injuries will heal and she will be as good as always.












If anyone can provide help with the veterinary costs for Visnja’s surgery then it would be most welcomed.  Information about donating can be found at the bottom of the following link:


Or maybe there is someone or a family out there who in the near future, when Visnja is better and fully recovered, may be able to offer her a loving and permanent home.


Please contact Jelena at the shelter palanski@EUnet.yu  if that person is you.



Please remember that these pictures are very recent and post surgery.  In a very short time, Visnja will be back to full strength and ready to find her permanent home.


For many articles about Jelena’s shelter that we have covered in the past, please access the following SAV links:


and then please GIVE A DONATION 


Information about donating can be found at the bottom of the following link:


Please Help, and Thank You – SAV.