UK: Join the Appeal To ‘Say No’ To Greyhound Racing in South Africa –


Greyhound Crusaders/SWAP team UK have been asked by anti-racing campaigners in South Africa to submit this appeal again, please see below, as we need to keep those emails flooding in to professor Snyman who is conducting research on behalf of the DTI about greyhound racing in South Africa, we must do all we can to protect the greyhounds from further abuse and death!!!

Please support this vital appeal


Please urge Prof Snyman to do all she can to prevent greyhound racing being introduced into South Africa.

It is imperative that all correspondence is kept polite please.

Greyhound Crusaders/SWAP team UK put out an alert last year about the possibility of the re-introduction of greyhound racing in South Africa.

Please send an email and photographic evidence to Prof Snyman (if you have any) of graphic cruelty to greyhounds as an example of what may happen to racing greyhounds in South Africa.




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Please see the update below and take immediate action.




This must not be allowed to go ahead.

Please everyone send your email today, we all make the difference.

Many thanks

Greyhound Crusaders/SWAP team UK

“The future depends on what we do in the present”. – Mahatma Gandhi

South Africa – Greyhound racing to be legal soon?

Greyhound racing to be legal soon?

Press Release

28 January 2009

The Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) will conduct the second round of public consultations on the possible legalisation of greyhound racing in South Africa.

The consultations will be held in Gauteng, Free State, North West, Eastern Cape, Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal in February and March 2009.

Greyhound racing was banned years ago in South Africa because gambling was regarded as immoral at that time. Now that gambling has been legalised and is regulated, there are debates on the legislation of greyhound racing.
The animal welfare and protection groups are not in support of the legalisation of greyhound racing, while other role players have been calling for the racing to be legalized and regulated.
The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty against Animals (NSPCA) says the legalisation and introduction of dog racing into South Africa will result in the suffering, unspeakable living conditions and often untimely and brutal death of thousands of greyhounds.

Last year, the dti appointed the University of the Free State, Faculty of Law, under the supervision of Prof Elizabeth Snyman-Van Deventer to conduct a research study on the possible legislation of greyhound racing in the country. Interested members of the public and various associations submitted their inputs through emails and faxes.

“the dti has deemed it necessary to broaden the consultation process and hold public consultations in which members of the public and interested groupings can submit their input on the legalisation of greyhound racing prior to the finalisation of the research study,” said the Director of Regulated Industries Mpho Mosing in the dti.

The public consultations will take place as follows:

6 February 2009, 9h00-12h30, Protea Edward Hotel, Durban
13 February 2009, 9h00-12h30, Protea Seapoint Hotel, Cape Town
20 February 2009, 9h00-12h30, Protea Marine Hotel, Port Elizabeth
26 February 2009, 9h00-12h30, Garden Court Hotel, Bloemfontein
27 February 2009, 9h00-12h30, Protea Manor Hotel, Hatfield, Pretoria
6 March 2009, 9h00-12h30, Garden Court East London, Esplanade, East London
13 March 2009, 9h00-12h30, Willows Garden Hotel, Potchefstroom

For further information, contact Sidwell Medupe (012) 394 1650 / 073 5226801 or e-mail:

*** Please  Visit the Uk GreytExploitations web site at  for all the news and info about the suffering and abuses to racing greyhounds. – SAV ***



United Nations (Petition) Appeal: Vegetarian Food for Needy People, – 15,500 litres of Water, 16kg of Grain or Soya, 323m2 Grazing Land for What ? – Production of 1 KILO OF BEEF !!


SWAP team UK have been asked to forward out this petition- please everyone sign thanks




Petition ‘FOOD vs FEED’ to the UN

An appeal to the United Nations and its agencies to channel available food resources to needy people and not to farm animals.

This petition will close on 28 September and be delivered on World Vegetarian Day (1 October 2009) in New York, Rome and Geneva.


Dear Mr. Secretary-General,

In 1996, the “Rome Declaration of World Food Security” reaffirmed “the right of everyone to have access to safe and nutritious food“. The signatories also pledged their political will “to eradicate hunger in all countries.”

In 2008, malnutrition and starvation in many parts of the world are not only increasing but are set to reach new peaks of suffering. Dwindling and wasted crops, soaring prices, unsustainable farming practices are just some of the factors which combine to put vulnerable people at life-threatening risks.

It is not acceptable that even in a grim situation with hunger and malnutrition killing nearly six million children each year, huge percentages of available crops are still being fed to farm animals.

In the name of humanity, a responsible global community can no longer afford to invest 7-16 kg of grain or soya beans, up to 15,500 liters of water, and 323 m2 of grazing land in the production of just one kilo of beef for those with the means to pay for it. More accessible and sustainable avenues to secure food for all are desperately needed.

Unfortunately, even though the experts of the FAO consider ‘Livestock a major threat to environment’, they merely recommend different farming techniques, some of which entail the risk of damaging an already vulnerable environment even more, perhaps beyond repair.

All hungry people, many million of vegetarians and those looking for wholesome alternatives to destructive traditions have the right to expect from decision makers, governments and international bodies a scientific investigation of all available options, including vegetarianism. This resource- and life-saving lifestyle is worthy of unbiased research and promotional effort, not last because of its potential to decide the raging battle of ‘food vs feed’ in favour of humanity.

For this reason, we appeal to the United Nations and its agencies to stop ignoring vegetarianism and instead study its multi-faceted benefits, with the aim of incorporating them into future strategies for a world without hunger.







India: Open Invitation to Panel Discussion – ‘Savage Humans and Stray Dogs’


All of you are cordially invited to a PANEL DISCUSSION on Hiranmay Karlekar’s recent book “Savage Humans and Stray Dogs”, which has been organized as follows.


DATE:             26th  FEBRUARY 2009

TIME:             6-30 PM


                        INDIA INTERNATIONAL CENTRE


The Panelists are :


Mr K. Raghunath,              former foreign secretary,

Professor Amita Singh,      JNU

Mr. Vinod Mehta,              Editor in Chief of Outlook

Hiranmay Karlekar           (Author)



India: Golden Retriever In Need of New Home Due to Current Owners Ill Health







From  Dogs & Pups Mag


I am having a lovely six year old Golden Retriever female dog (Soni). Due to my own health problem unable to take care of her.


We are at Nellore in Andhra Pradesh. Also there is no place here to leave her when we go out of station. 


If anybody is ready to adopt her and take care, we want to hand over her. Even if good shelter is there, who take good care we will send her and bear the expenses.


The place is 370 KM from Bangalore and 170 KM from Chennai.