China: The Ultimate in Animal Abuse **WARNING** Graphic (but real) Photographs


*** WARNING *** - Graphic Photographs.
Not what we wish to show, but it must be shown.
This is what goes on within China where there are no animal welfare / protection laws.
What can we do ? - BOYCOTT ALL CHINESE PRODUCTS for a start.
Please copy the link for this post (in the address bar - top of your computer) 
and forward it on to everyone you know; also politicians.




Post from Yahoo Chinese Animal Group:

Cc: ‘Planeta Animal’
Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2009 12:03 AM
Subject:  (Very disturbing to) view these came from China…
Their behaviour is not illegal. There’s no animal protection law in China and that’s what we’ve been working on as hardest as we can for the past years.

Hi, this is Danielle from Sunflower Human Society Beijing.

A few words about the picture of the suffering dog:

It’s a seriously abused stray dog who’s in heaven now.

A volunteer found him in Foshan, Guangdong province.

His two eyeballs were digged out and his genitals cut off.

The volunteer sent him to the vet.

Many people couldn’t stop crying when they saw his wounds everywhere.

They finally agreed to put him into sleep to end his suffering.
However, even if they found him/her, what they can do about him/her other than cursing him/her?

Volunteers have been searching the information about the murderer online.


There are similar tragedies happening everywhere

Thanks so much for your care, support and help to the Chinese animals.

Let's pray things will be improving gradually through our joint continuous efforts.

We-friends and voices of the animals here-will do our very best for our furry friends.



Please take a look... and help the suffering Chinese animals as much as you can!!!

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