Europe: ENDCAP – Seeing an End to the Keeping and Exploitation of Wild Animals in Captivity for Human Entertainment


The European network to END the keeping of wild animals in CAPtivity

The Network


ENDCAP is a network of established European animal welfare organisations and wildlife professionals who share a common goal in wanting to see an end to the keeping and exploitation of wild animals in captivity for human entertainment.


Our Mission

ENDCAP is an international network of European organisations dedicated to the protection and conservation of wildlife in the wild and opposed to the exploitation of wild animals in captivity. Through scientific research, education, campaigning and sharing of expertise and information, the Network seeks to; expose neglect, suffering and cruelty endured by wild animals in zoological collections, circuses and dolphinaria; investigate the plight of wild animals held by private individuals and related trade issues; and, where possible, alleviate animal suffering. Focusing predominantly on the issues relating to zoos and circuses as well as the implementation and enforcement of national legislation stemming from Directive 1999/22/EC (relating to the keeping of wild animals in zoos), the Network aims to influence and encourage a change in priorities away from captivity, through a non-breeding and non-replacement policy, towards the protection of wild animals in their natural habitat.













c/o Born Free Foundation

3 Grove House, Foundry Lane


West Sussex,


RH13 5P


+44 (0)1403 240170

+44 (0)1403 327838






Photographs: ENDCAP



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