India (Mumbai): ‘Ronnie’ and ‘Dannie’ Looking for New Homes



Dear Dog lover


Both have similar stories and looks, making you wonder if they were twins(not identical) lost in a Mela aka Bollywood. But alas, both were abandoned in two different parts of Mumbai City. Ronnie was thrown out of a car at Cuffe Parade one evening and Danny was found abandoned near the Lokhandwala mangroves at Andheri.


Danny is a white hairy male, Corgi-ish short and has been sterilized and vaccinated against 7-in-one and rabies. He is very playful and sweet but does not like other dogs or children very much.


Ronnie on the other hand is much younger around less than a year. He is also white with a grayish path on his face. He is very loving and will do ‘namaste’ to you if you come to meet him. Ronnie is shorter than an average dog just like a Corgi. He too has been sterilised and vaccinated.




Do call WSD if you or anyone you know are interested in adopting them. Call us on 64222838  or e-mail


Look up the WSD adoption blog for their photos.


thanks and regards


Abodh Aras




P.S. Do forward this e-mail so that Danny and Ronnie get homes as fast as possible.

The Welfare Of Stray Dogs(WSD)
Tel : 64222838/23733433
Website :
WSD Adoption Blog :
E mail :

Adopt a street dog.They are a breed apart!


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