We will not stop…


…to fight for the rights of the animals and we are not interested in making enemies in EU circles.
We are there for the weak, for those who have no voice, for the proletarians of this world, “who have nothing to lose but their chains”!


It’s an issue that has been a major concern for years, and today, under the barbaric conditions in which they run, is more relevant than ever to us: animal transports.

Actually, it should be banned already 6 years ago, since 2013 that life beings are transported for weeks under the most painful conditions on a ship or truck.
The 8hours campaign, one of the biggest European animal welfare campaigns ever,
had at that time the right to demand it with 1.2 million signatures.

But the EU is the strongest agrarian lobby, and that’s why this campaign is buried in the sand.


One of the worst consequences of globalization and global trade is the increase in animal transport and the expansion of transport distances. The specialization in the agricultural sector, the liberalization of markets, the international orientation of companies and the new information and communication technologies make it possible today to market animals internationally.

Published in 2018 bndestem.nl. a photo showing dozens of dead calves – victims of a collision between two trucks. They were Irish calves. On the way to Groningen. Because Ireland and the Netherlands are in the European Union, there are free shipments of goods or animals. When these early-dead calves died at the scene of the accident, they had already traveled a long way.


First through Ireland, then crossings by ferry and another trip of about three hundred kilometers. Why are a few hundred calves carting around Europe? Now these calves are dead. Again and again, accidents occur when one considers the cruel reality: Annually, around 170 million livestock transports take place in Europe alone.

Recently we have the cruel transport of 70,000 sheep to Qatar. Romania has carted 70,000 sheep out of Midia with the ship “Al Shuwaikh” into the Persian Gulf and in a heat of up to 47 ° C.

This is not just a violation of EU law. That’s a negligent murder.



The subsidies paid by the European Union for the export of slaughter cattle to third countries have since been removed. However, this decision does not apply to breeding cattle and pregnant cows. Its export to third countries continues to be financially supported by Brussels. Therefore, there is a high risk of subsidy fraud that slaughter cattle are declared as breeding animals.


The conditions for sheep, pigs, cattle or goats are catastrophic: they suffer from lack of space, malnutrition, thirst and serious diseases. Many animals do not survive the cruel transport or collapse after exhaustion for days of exhaustion. These cases are very clear violations of existing EU law on the protection of animals, but only very rarely or not at all are punished.

This map should help everyone to visualize the distances the animals have to endure.


We have written about the agonizing animal transport very often, and we are not tired of doing it any further. Our constant question was and still is: Does the prescribed protection of the animals from cold, heat, thirst, hunger, illness, injury and fatigue during transport (according to Regulation (EC) 1/2005) apply at all?

This question has always been made clear but only inadequate, smart or not answered.

We have often written to the EU Commission and we have only pointed out that one must do his job properly if one is paid for it. The result is that we are the “bad guys” because we can not accept that with our moneye we pay a lot of incompetent, unwilling and lazy employees. Those who do not answer our letters, disregard our millions of petitions and put the meat, milk and transport mafia businesses above the EU Animal Laws.


The EU institution, along with all subsidiary institutions that are also responsible for the rights of animals and strive against animal transport belong to the around 50,000 people who work in the European institutions, of which around 32,000 work only for the EU Commission.

Actually, with so many people, we could start a small town where all of them would at least have a decent job, pay their taxes, and could be far more useful than they are now.

It may be that everyone is overwhelmed with his task. It may be that none of them have the courage to accept that animals and their suffering are completely irrelevant and only the fat content counts.

We do not care about their motives, we will continue to be proactive for our mandates, we will continue to fight against anyone who violates the law and rule and we will continue to work tirelessly on our investigative work on this blog.


My best regards to all, Venus

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