Serbia / Austria: A Great End For A Superb Little Dog – Visnja Finds New Home in Austria

SERB0001  Austria

Do you remember our appeal of 27th February for Visnja ?


Please see our original post and appeal at:

Well, here is some absolutely wonderful news; and here is Visnja now; 13th May 2009 :-

Visjna leaving1

Visnja has been found a new home in Austria, and due to the hard work and dedication of both Jelena and Animal Care Austria, Visnja can be seen here departing Serbia on 13th May to start her new life in Austria.

Visjna leaving2

Information about Jelena’s shelter, including how to donate, can be found at the following:

Jelena’s Shelter links:

Information about donating to Jelena can be found at the bottom of the following link:

Animal Care Austria – visit their web site at

We hope that you agree that Visjna looks such a beautiful little dog now after suffering such terrible injuries a few months ago.  Animals can recover so quickly compared to the human species, that is what makes them different to us, humans, and that is why they should not be used as models for human disease and injury research.

Good luck Visnja, and have a very loving and happy life with your new family.


Uk Link:


Spain: Your (Print and Photograph) Help Needed to Support Shelter Under Political Threat of Return to a Killing Station


We need to pile on the pressure – Can you please do the following to support this campaign:

This is about the Perrera of San Javier (Spain). Since 2008 efforts have been underway to turn it into a shelter, much of it being paid for by animal welfare and donations.

Money is forever short in supply, and the city of San Javier is now seizing the opportunity of the lease contract running out in summer this year for going back on its promise and returning the place to what it was: a killing station.

It is also a political issue with local parties, and hence the pressure is immense for AR.
There are 100 dogs there at present – feed, vet costs, transfers to the airport to fly the animals to a safe future are all paid for privately, and the demands of the council as regards the continuation of the contract simply cannot be met at present.

Please make a statement that you support Angeles’ work and do not want to see another perrera doing its dirty work when there is hope for change.



1)  – print the (pdf) file in attachment   Stop_perreras_angeles 

–   just one sheet, and make a digital picture of yourself (and your animal friends) with it as shown in other examples on this link below:

2)  Then please send (e mail) the image file of yourself to

3)  Then return to
and sign the petition at the bottom using the following guide to complete:

click on



Name – name
Vorname – first name
Strasse und Hausnummer – Street and number
Postleitzahl – postcode
Stadt – town
Land – country
E-mail – e-mail
Sicherheitscode – safety code (please enter)

 4)  Then click on ‘Absenden’ to send your petition completion.

 Thank you !