Egypt Killings: 22/05 Update – WARNING – Disturbing Video Footage




Picture – CIWF

TV Report done by Al-Masry Al-Youm on the culling of pigs in Egypt.

Contains very graphic video of pigs being slaughtered and badly handled.

There has to be a government response to rectify this behaviour and make it unacceptable and punishable by law.
It gives a bad image to Egypt, contradicts the teachings of Islam, is inhuman and barbaric by all the civilized norms and international laws. Australia stopped for a while exporting live sheep to Egypt because of the way the animals were treated and handled before the slaughter. Export by Australia was restarted again recently. This can also affect tourism in Egypt. The treatment of stray animals such as dogs and cats is also on the list of complaints by foreigners who visit or live in Egypt.

All this is causing nothing but damage to Egypt’s already bad animal cruelty reputation abroad.

WARNING – The following video contains very graphic footage of animal suffering.


Photo – CIWF

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Photo – CIWF

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