Spain: For ‘Heritage of Spain’ and ‘Cultural Capitals’, Read ‘Approval of Animal Abuse by President Tudela’


Sent: Tuesday, May 26, 2009 11:54 PM

Subject: URGENT – San Fermin Festival and Shaving of Wild Horses candidates to Intangible Heritage of Spain – Please protest

** ACTION ** – Please send emails of protest in your own language to:

International Bureau of Cultural Capitals

President Xavier Tudela
Ronda Universitat, 7
E – 08007 Barcelona

Phone: +34-934123294
Fax: +34-934126871






Dear Friends,

We just discovered today that two barbaric festivals that are held in Spain every year are candidates to Intangible Heritage of Spain. We are talking of S. Fermin , Pamplona and “Rapas das Bestas” a festival where wild horses are gathered and shaved by force.

For more information about this last one please see:

Another video from 2007 and slide show

President Xavier Tudela

These candidacies are being promoted by the International Bureau of Cultural Capitals, from all the candidates that entered in the competition 10 will be chosen as Intangible Heritage of Spain.

In this moment there are 13 candidates and the deadline is 31st of May. After this date they will proceed to vote. It’s very important that you protest without stopping.

We cannot allow that festivals of torture can be accepted as Intangible Heritage of Spain. We want to point out also that if these two candidates win, the next phase will be to be considered as Intangible Heritage of the World by UNESCO.

President Xavier Tudela

Let’s not forget that since 2005 bullfighters have been trying to promote bullfighting as an Intangible Heritage of the World.

If they succeed with this, they are half way there.


** ACTION ** – Please send emails of protest in your own language to:

International Bureau of Cultural Capitals

President Xavier Tudela
Ronda Universitat, 7
E – 08007 Barcelona

Phone: +34-934123294
Fax: +34-934126871

For the Animals

Maria Lopes
International Movement Against Bullfights

Nepal: Government Presented With First Ever Animal Welfare Petition (For the Donkeys)

GOOD NEWS UPDATE – 27/05/09 – Nepal Donkey Petition.



See our post of 12th May:

The news of 27th May is that the Nepalese Government has now been presented with ITS FIRST EVER PETITION FOR ANIMAL WELFARE !

Thanks to everyone who signed the petition for the donkeys.  We now hope that the government will act.  YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.



Dear friends,

Thanks you for signing the Stop Donkey Misery in Nepal petition on!

Last week we handed over the petition and more than 1000 signatures to the Ministry of Agriculture. It was the first time in the history of Nepal that the Ministry received a petition related to animal welfare. We believe the petition will have an impact, especially when we keep on lobbying and pressurising. For now we will close the petition.

You find more info about our work with abused donkeys on

Thanking you for your support,

Lucia de Vries

Volunteer Director Animal Nepal


Over 1000 signatures to ‘Stop donkey misery in Nepal’ submitted to the Agriculture Ministry

Animal Welfare Network Nepal (AWNN) on May 19, 2009 handed over a petition signed by over a thousand people from all over the world to stop donkey abuse to the Joint Secretary at the Ministry for Agriculture and Cooperatives, Dr Hari Dahal. The petition titled ‘Stop donkey misery in Nepal’ was signed by 1036 people from countries like Nepal, India, US, UK, Italy, Australia, France, Germany, Norway, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, Netherlands, Belgium and others.

Pramada hands over donkey petition

Pramada hands Over the Donkey Petition

The purpose of the signature campaign is to raise awareness to stop cruelty on working animals like donkeys. The petition demands concerned authorities and donkey owners to introduce a care system for these animals that suffer from malnutrition, open sores, lacerations, and general neglect.

Members of AWNN also urged the Joint Secretary to implement the Animal Transportation Act and wished to participate in drafting of the Animal Welfare Act. Mr Dahal was positive about these concerns and expressed commitment to take initiative on monitoring the execution of the Animal Transportation Act or the Pasu Dhuwani Mapdanda 2064. AWNN Chairperson Pramada Shah, after handing over the petition hoped that the ministry would cooperate in raising animal welfare issues and that the Animal Welfare Act would soon be drafted.

Established in 2008, AWNN is a network of six genuine animal welfare organisations that work to increase the effectiveness of animal welfare in the country. AWNN’s vision is to create a cruelty free society in which all creatures can live in peace.