India (Mumbai and Pune): Please Help to Stop Beautiful Pups From Becoming Strays by Finding Them Homes


From: charu shah <>
Subject: mixed breed pups-mumbai
Date: Sunday, May 3, 2009, 3:55 PM


Hi friends,

these girls, will not be killed or poisoned if they dont find a home. they will just become regular STRAYS.

Honey, tikki, milie n chintu are mixed breed pups (their mom lucy is a stray n pom mixed), 3 months of age.

They are being taken care off by construction workers, who took care of their mom lucy. now, they have shooed lucy away (they say she turned mad) and are taking care of the pups.  The pups are treated very well, given milk and biscuits 3/4 times a day.

I take pedigree every weekend.  So they are growing up very well, u can see from the pics.




Above – Milie


Above – Chintu


Above – Tikki


Above – Honey

Milie n chintu are the mischevious of the lot. tikki is relative quiet.. honey like to play, but then goes back to sleep. they are an adorable bunch of cutiepies and make very good friends for ur kids.they are extremely adorable and cute to play with.

Anyone interested in getting them home, please reply

They are for adoption in Mumbai only.

please spread the word n help them get a family!]



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———- Forwarded message ———-
From: devika mundkur

Hello !
These pups are for free in Pune, all ready to be homed.

Hope all of us will do our best to find good homes for them.

Subject: To find home for eight beutiful pups of cross breed
Date: Sun, 3 May 2009 13:17:11 +0530

Dear madam,

I met you on Saturday afternoon at the S P C A office near Poona College concerning above mentioned subject. I have with me five weeks old pups (date of birth : 28th march 2009 ).

The mother of these pups is a cross between  a Labrador and a German Shepherd and the father is a pure Collie.   There are five males and three females amongst them.   They have  a lot of fur on them.

I request you to kindly find the home for these pups through your office. I enclose herewith sample photographs of one of them.


Leo Fernandes
Mobile: 9881546064



India (Mumbai): 3 Musketeers Born on Building Compound Looking For Homes


Attached are pictures of 3 Musketeers – 3 absolutely adorable puppies of mixed parentage.

Bio Data:-


Name: Adorable puppy 1

Gender: Female

Color: White and light brown. My face is light brown with mesmerizing eyes

Birth Date: Jan 19, 2009

Vaccinated: Yes

Sterilised: Am I not too young??

Temperament: Very loving, friendly and playful, Humans say ‘I am  a Darling’

Hobbies: To roll on my back, play with my siblings and tummy rubs

Looking for: A caring home to share my love



Name: Adorable puppy 2

Gender: Male

Color: White and light brown. My face is brown with a long white tikka

Birth Date: Jan 19, 2009

Vaccinated: Yes

Sterilised: Am I not too young??

Temperament: Very friendly, loving and playful, check me out!

Hobbies: To play with my siblings, I also enjoy tummy rubs

Looking for: A Loving home to share my love and avid company



Name: Adorable puppy 3

Gender: Female

Color: Black with brown eyebrows. I think my eyes are more fascinating than my sister!! Squarish, charismatic face.

Birth Date: Jan 19, 2009

Vaccinated: Yes

Sterilised: I am too young!!

Temperament: Very very loving, friendly and playful, not greedy!

Hobbies: To play with my siblings, I also enjoy tummy rubs and long naps

Looking for: A Loving home to share my love


They were born in a building compound opposite Leena Mogre’s gym at Bandra, Mumbai. The owners of this building have been kind enough to let us feed them every day. Puppies are close knit and enjoy human touch. They have been fed premium pet food all these months (for an optimum start & high immunity) but they equally enjoy home cooked food.

We shall sterilise them as soon as they are 6 months old. Please call on +91 93242 76106 or send an email on if you would like to share your home with this loving noble companion.


Payal Bhatia 

PETsMART Pet Products Pvt. Ltd.

Suite No. 3, IInd Floor,

Hill View II, Hill Road, Bandra West 

Bombay 400 050. INDIA

Tel.: +91-22-2642 4049/3253 4617/3263 1852

Telefax: +91-22-2651 4845

Mob.:  +91-98207 11530 

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** URGENT **04/05/09 Europe: Last Call Today to Take Action in Europe for Seal Product Trade Ban

  eu-aw-logo  canada

We are only a few hours away from learning the outcome of one of the greatest efforts the ProtectSeals team — together with you — has ever undertaken. And there is still time to help.

This campaign has been a marathon — a fight of more than a decade now, for me — and tomorrow’s vote on a proposed European Union seal product trade ban could mark the beginning of the end of this senseless slaughter. If this proposal is passed, we will be one step closer to a future where baby seals are safe from being clubbed, shot, and skinned before they’ve even taken their first swim.

But even now, we cannot stop. We must make every minute count in the leadup to this vote.

I need your help to ensure that every elected representative walks into tomorrow’s meeting with one focus: passing a strong ban that will stop the cruelty and save the seals. Please, whether this is your first action on behalf of seals or your tenth, stand with us one more time and do the following right now:

1) Sign our petition, and ask everyone you know to sign, too. Remember, the winner of our contest to recruit petition-signers will join me in Canada next spring to visit the seal pups!

2) Write to your Members of the European Parliament. Make it clear that their constituents are counting on them!

3) Send a message to your Environment Minister. Preserving wildlife — including seals — is their responsibility!

I have been carrying this sadness — a burden you have shared with me — for such a very long time. Tomorrow, finally, I hope to rejoice.

Thank you for your continuing support and belief in what we are doing. None of this would be possible without you.

With hope in my heart,

Rebecca Aldworth
Humane Society International/Canada