Nepal: Action Alert – Stop Donkey Misery


Action Alert – Stop Donkey misery in Nepal

Dear Friend of Animals,
You are getting this action alert because we need your help (again).  We have put up an online petition for signature, that takes just a moment of your time and will help the abused brick kiln donkeys (and the kids who handle them as well). So please use the Action Item to the right to help out the donkeys today – and thanks in advance for your continued support!
Best Regards,

ps. Please forward this on to anyone you feel might like to help as well.

Uk / USA: May 16, 2009 is Day of Global Boycott of P&G

UNST0001  Boycott “Hurtful Essences” Shampoo  UNKG0001

*** May 16, 2009 is day of global boycott of P&G ***


For additional information see Uncaged’s site:

Uncaged Web Site:

Despite claims from corporate giant Procter & Gamble (P&G) that it tests products on animals only as a last resort and only when required by law, published scientific papers show that P&G took an already approved ingredient in Herbal Essences shampoo – butylparaben – and force-fed it in massive doses to pregnant animals.

Click here to go straight to “What You Can Do”!

Evidence uncovered by the British animal rights group Uncaged shows that P&G force-fed butylparaben  – a preservative used for decades in personal care products – to pregnant rats to see if it harms their developing offspring.

The experiment killed 1,300 animals (100 pregnant mothers and their 1,200 newborns) subjecting the mothers to stressful force-feeding for approximately three weeks, after which they were killed in carbon dioxide gas chambers. Experimenters then removed the slowly dying babies from their mothers’ bodies and killed them.


Information on the safety of butylparaben, one of a class of products known as parabens, has already been amply demonstrated at least twenty years earlier. Many of the animals used by P&G for this experiment received massive doses of butylparaben, which, according to the researcher in charge of the study “far exceeds human exposure estimates.”

These tests are not required by any law, and detailed information on this ingredient has been widely available for many years.

IDA is joining with the British group, Uncaged, to support an international day of action to shed light on P&G’s unconscionable animal testing.


Use this form to contact Alan Lafley, P&G’s CEO to protest P&G’s animal tests.

You can use our automated message or send your own.

Tell them:

  • You don’t believe their claim that they only test on animals “as a last resort” or “when required by law.”
  • You have read the evidence presented by In Defense of Animals and Uncaged about butylparaben being force-fed to pregnant rats.
  • You will not purchase Herbal Essences or any other P & G products until they stop testing their products on animals.


You can go straight to this automated form, or use the contact info below:

CALL-IN: 513-983-1100
FAX: 513-983-9369, 513-983-4381


Mr. A.G. Lafley, Chairman & CEO
Procter & Gamble
One Procter & Gamble Plaza; Cincinnati, OH 45202

You can also contact Mary Woods, in charge of Herbal Essences in their Corporate External Relations Department:

For additional information see Uncaged’s site:

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