India (Mumbai): ‘Ginger and Scratchy’ Looking for a Home


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Date: Monday, 25 May, 2009, 12:27 PM

Dear Charu,

Can you pl help with these cats. Their ‘father’ is an expat who has to leave the country and just cannot take them with him. He leaves 5th June – a formidably short notice I know – but pl see what you can do . I really do not have much contact with good cat people.

There is also a dog to be re homed from the same family but I won’t bother you with him just now since we have a lead which just might work out. 

Thank You


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Please see picture of cats attached. They are a little bigger than photo now, but just as cute.

Ginger (as in the color)

Ginger is a sterilized male. He’s friendly, outgoing & likes to be around people. He will often come to you for a scratch & play. He likes to walk around the house meowing in the morning, then finds a quite place to sleep & hide for most of the day.

Ginger sometimes picks on his sister & creates a small spat.

Scratchy (black & white, & as in the cartoon on “The Simpsons” Itchy & Scratchy)

Scratchy is a sterilized female. She is quite a shy cat. She likes to be near you, but doesn’t like a lot of scratching & playing. She will though sit on my wife’s lap in quite moments. She spends most of her time sitting curled up in the kitchen to be near my wife.

She’s a good mouser.

She doesn’t like her tummy being scratched, & will instantly push your hand away with her legs.

Other traits

–          They are both adept at catching mice, & occasionally small birds

–          They like to spend some time outdoors, but are just as happy to be inside. We usually leave them in the backroom of our house, & they will go in & out of a window we deliberately leave open


–          They have leftover chicken, beef, rice, occasional vegetables….

–          My wife often buys fresh fish & will mix it with rice as well. They love fish


Nigel Goode
Mumbai India
+91 9821156276

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