Global: Did You Enjoy Your Meaty, Sunday Lunch ?

For those who still enjoy a meaty, Sunday lunch.

If you eat it, then at least watch the suffering you are causing !

If you only watch one, then watch the ‘lambs’ – all waiting for death whilst others are slaughtered above their heads. 

You can sense their fear by the body motions; or lack of !  They all want to get out, they are petrified.   Meat stinks !

Want to watch a “humane” slaughterhouse vid? **Warning graphic images**
[ ]
All this is legal in the US

Matadero de corderos – Lambs slaughterhouse | Investigación de Igualdad Animal – Animal Equality investigation
[ ]

Site by Animal Equality (Spain)
[ ]

Rabbit slaughterhouse
[ ]

Pig slaughterhouse
[ ]

Cow slaughterhouse
[  ]

Animal Aid (UK) 32 page Report – The “humane” slaughter myth
[ ]

Link to ritual slaughter footage of cows in a French slaughterhouse:



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