Global: Climate Rallies (1500+) in Many Countries – Read On – links to nations / towns and cities for events

Dear friends,

The stage is set. The press is reporting that global climate talks are in a shambles and the UN summit on Tuesday is the only hope to revive them.

And together, by Tuesday morning, we’ll make sure leaders at that summit wake up to news that over 1500 rallies, marches, meetings and “flashmobs” across the planet have flooded the airwaves and their office phone lines with a wake up call for them to act.

Click below to find an event nearby — it’s easy, fun, could take just 5 minutes of our lunch hour, and it will matter. This is going to be big, don’t miss it:

Phone calls work. We’ve been amazed in recent months at what flooding leaders’ offices with thousands of calls can do. 14000 calls reversed the Brazilian President’s position on a key rainforest law, 3000 convinced the German Chancellor’s party to attend climate forums, and a few hundred got an immediate response from the French President’s top aide. In an age when most leaders are heavily insulated from the people they should work for, phone calls are how we break through.

That’s why many of Monday’s gatherings are ‘flash’ events focused on making calls. It’s easy — just head to the event location with our phone alarms set for the start time, hold our phones up and converge when the alarms go off, take a group picture (with phones held high) to be delivered to leaders the next day, and then make our wake up calls! The entire event will emerge and disappear within a few minutes, but together this global mobilization could leave a lasting effect on climate change efforts.

We have just 78 days left until the final UN meeting in Copenhagen, where we’ll succeed or fail to get an historic global treaty to place binding global limits on carbon pollution, stop a climate catastrophe and unleash a new clean and green economy. Our leaders are nowhere near success, they’re not even planning on going to Copenhagen. Let’s send them a wake up call they won’t forget.

Looking forward to it…

Ricken, Iain, Milena, Veronique, Paul, Ben, Graziela, Pascal and the whole Avaaz team.

PS – an amazing diversity of wake up call events are happening on Monday, from a drumming circle in Guatemala to a coastal ceremony in French Polynesia to a march in Kinshasa. But one exciting global event is the premiere of the new climate change film The Age of Stupid. Images and videos from the Global Wake-Up Call events will be combined, in a matter of hours, into a short movie to be shown in 700 satellite-linked cinemas at the Age of Stupid’s global premiere. The screenings are one night only, September 21 in the US and Sept 22 in over 40 other countries. You can find screenings near you along with all our global wake up call events. For more information about the Age of Stupid movie (and to buy tickets), see:

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