India (Bangalore): CUPA Shelter PET ADOPTION DAY – 02/10/09






Dear Ones,

Adoption is the best Option…..

As a Family of Animal lovers at CUPA ,we take the opportunity on Gandhi Jayanthi to celebrate love for Animals ,

You can visit their profiles in CUPA’s blog

On this loving day a special adoption campaign is organized exclusively for all pet animals 
-pups, dogs, kittens, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, calf’s,cows and buffalo’s .

Abandoned I was, for I do not know why?

Was left out side amidst a new world, for I do not know why?

I cried for attention, I tried for hard for love

Alas… I found myself lying on the ground, Searching for him..

I saw him, I saw him walking away, for he looked too for the last time.

I waited ,  I still wait…

For I know I will meet him again the one who hug me warm and show me what true love is …. 

We have many such eyes’ yearning for love

For Love cannot be brought but definably adopted for life

Come embrace love and take home one forever on

Pet Adoption Day2nd, Oct at CUPA Shelter, Hebbal 

Since we believe

Love comes in all shapes and sizes…and love definitely cannot be brought, but can be adopted!!………How??

Find it out your self by visiting CUPA Shelter on

Oct ,2nd 2009- PET ADOPTION DAY!!!

Come lets share and celebrate everlasting bond between animals and humans.

Please spread the word amongst your friends and families, who are looking out to adopt pets to come to CUPA shelter on this day to adopt



Venue :

Tel: 9845366209, 080-22947300 / 22947301 / 22947307

KVAFSU-CUPA Animal Shelter
Veterinary College Campus,
Bangalore – 560 024

Fax: 91-080-22293771

Timings : 1000 – 1700

You can visit their profiles in CUPA’s blog

Please help us to spread the word, of these pets who need a loving home.

Thanks and Regards
Santosh Rajashekar


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