India: Kittens Desperate for Good Homes

I was rescued from under a truck at kalkshetra.
I am looking for a loving home to take me in.

This adorable little kitten, has the most beautiful green eyes, he is very clean and makes sure he remains so.

He loves to curl up in the funniest positions and fall asleep. The most curious little creature i know and loves to camouflage himself between the plants..

And most importantly he loves being cuddled!

Contact me at:
Gayatri Shantaram


hi friends,

I had sent email about 6 kittens who need homes urgently. they are still there for adoption.

2 female kittens with taher, around 4 months old. he has to give them away as his mother is not too happy with them. thankfully, he is not willing to just leave them anywhere and has agreed to keep till we get a good home, but that cant be for too long.

4 more kittens with sherina at andheri. they are 2 months old have to be given away since she is shifting in a new house and cant keep them with her. if not adopted soon, these will have to be sent at a shelter.

the owners do care for the kittens and have tried to get them adopted, but have not succeeded, so they need help. please pass on the email and pics to everyone who mayb interested in adopting a furry little friend for life.

anyone interested can call me on- 9820338515. would prefer to give tahers kittens in pair since they have been staying together til now and it will be very cruel to get them adopted separately. same with sherinas kittens. if anyone can adopt in pairs, then it will be great, but even single adoption will do since they are 4 in nos. attached are pics of all the kittens.


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