Egypt: PETITION – Justice for Chained Dogs Starved to Death – Please Sign Now !






Justice For Chained Dogs Starved To Death

Please sign petition on link below, many thanks

SWAP team UK


There are many things in our society today that unfortunately go overlooked. One such thing that is overlooked is the number of dogs who are being abused: Physical abuse ranging from beating, kicking, disposing of, mutilating, savagely hitting, cutting, scratching, starving, or leaving a dog chained up in the same spot for days, weeks or months without a shade in the heat begging for food and water; such is considered abuse regardless of whether the caretakers intended to hurt the dogs.

You may not like it, I may not like it but that doesn’t mean we get to ignore the fact that dogs are not always treated and cared for as they should be and only the more sensationalistic stories about animal abuse make it to the news.Sadly some dogs fall into the hands of irresponsible owners who knowingly, intentionally torture and seriously overwork the dogs, failing unreasonably to provide necessary food, care, or shelter as it is the case with “QARYET EL ASSAD”.

There has been many complaints about dogs chained up outside unattended to a fixed point during periods of extreme weather without food or water for more than six hours. These dogs are permanently chained for life and thousands of other dogs across the country are being treated like this; kept chained up for the most part 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Normally they may not be chained or tethered for more than 10 hours in any 24. Yet, both eyewitnesses and casual observers say they see a lot of dogs chained up all day long in this area, and they want it to stop.

I’m talking about people who forget about their dogs being out there and leave them there all the time. Due lack of care, dogs at QARYET EL ASSAD are willingly, knowingly, and deliberately neglected, hurt and abused; slipping a choke chain over their dogs necks causing extreme itching, bruising, follicle red and inflammations with their ribs showing more everyday due extreme malnutrition.

These dogs live out their days on the end of a chain in a sad gray zone of pethood. Coupled with their deprived upbringing these dogs never had a chance for a variety of reasons from advanced age to healing from severely ingrown collars. Dog abuse is a growing problem in this country that has many causes and effects, but there are ways that we as a society can decrease the occurrence of this horrible event. Please let’s sign the petition in protecting and supporting Man’s best friend “we owe it to them-let’s take affirmative action now”

No Chained Dogs!

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