Uk (England): Amersham Horse Trader Loses Cruelty Convictions Appeal





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Amersham horse trader loses cruelty convictions appeal

A horse trader jailed for neglecting dozens of animals at a farm has lost his appeal against his convictions.

Photo – James Gray

James Gray was jailed for six months last June for leaving the animals to starve to death at Spindle Farm in Amersham, Buckinghamshire.

His wife Julie Gray, 42, and daughters Jodie, 27, and Cordelia, 21, were also unsuccessful in their appeals at Aylesbury Crown Court.

The RSPCA removed 115 horses, ponies and donkeys from the farm last January.

James Gray Junior, 17, was acquitted on two charges.

All five defendants were appealing against charges of neglect and cruelty under the Animal Welfare Act.

Judge Christopher Tyrer said: “We are satisfied that these horses were neglected and starved.

“It follows that the appellants failed to exercise reasonable care and supervision in respect of their protection and they knew or ought reasonably to have known that this would have that effect.”

The original trial heard many horses living at the farm were found surrounded by the rotting corpses of other animals which had been left to die of starvation.

Nick White, a field officer for international horse charity World Horse Welfare, was one of the first at the scene.

He said: “There were dead horses on the ground in front of me, and to the right.

“I looked across and there was a dead horse in the stalls. It was like walking into another world.”

Norfolk-based horse charity Redwings helped remove 80 animals from the farm and brought back 21 to its own care.

Redwings senior vet Nicolas de Brauwere said: “We are delighted with this result, not to mention incredibly relieved.

“As events unfolded on 9 January 2008 we found more and more evidence of untold suffering that shocked us and compelled us to act. We always believed that the evidence would support today’s verdict.”

He added: “Even though two days of rescue had already preceded our involvement we were confronted with scenes of suffering animals, animal remains, terrible living conditions and an overwhelming atmosphere of death and disease.”

Serbia: Exclusive Pictures of JKP Termerin (Temerin City) Dog and Cat ‘Shelter’.

In the city of Temerin, which is located near to the city of Novi Sad, a firm named ‘JKP Temerin’ operates as the garbage collection company.  In Temerin is a ‘dog and cat shelter’, given a permit for use by the Direcctor of Veterinary department of Serbia, Mr Micovic.

Please see our recent article for more information and details about the ‘shelter’:

We have now been provided with a series of photographs taken at the same ‘JKP Temerin’ (Temerin) City ‘shelter’ – they are shown below.

Please decide for yourself – is this a ‘shelter’ for animals, or is this just an intermediate holding facility for strays before they are taken off to Novi Sad City to be killed ? – for most dogs, within 3 days; for cats; immediately.

Serbia: ‘Tularemia’ Disease Outbreaks in Southern Serbia – Possible Cause – Too Many Rats Feeding Off Dead (Shinter Killed) Strays Left on City Dumps ?

Latest News

Serbia – news has arrived which says that Southern Serbia has outbreaks / epidemic of ‘Tularemia’, which is a disease transmitted mainly by animals such as rodents.

Link to further information on ‘Tularemia’ –

We have been informed that this outbreak could be associated with:

  • Many of the dead bodies of dogs and cats killed by Shinters are thrown and left on city garbage dumps
  • This has created a situation where there are massive amounts of rats in these locations – these bodies being a substantial food source for the rats
  • Hunters in the regions have killed many of the foxes and wolves for their ‘sport’
  • Foxes and wolves are the main predators of the rats, and keep population levels lower
  • The natural chain of predation and food by animals such as foxes and wolves has been ruined (again) by man

The result ? – outbreaks / epidemic of ‘Tularemia’ disease, which can affect humans.

We envisage that once again it will be other animals who will now suffer.  Animals which may be rounded up and killed off – another ‘good’ excuse for the government and authorities to undertake mass animal kills; mammals and birds may also suffer as a result of pesticides now being deployed onto the ground.

Good ol’ man, you can always rely on him to intervene and destroy the natural process of animals in the process.