Hungary: Appeal For Donations to Flooded Animal Shelter





SOS help is needed! – 2010 május 21, péntek – 11:392010

May 21, Friday – 11:39

A zempléni kutyaotthont 2010.

The Zemplén kutyaotthont 2010th 05.17.-én elöntötte az árvíz. 05.17.-on wave of flooding. Mára már jócskán apadt, de gumicsizmával lehet csak közlekedni. It is now greatly dwindled, but can only travel in rubber boots. A kutyákat próbálták elhelyezni , ám sokuknak vízben kell töltenie a napjaikat. The dogs are trying to place, but many of them in the water to fill their days. Még most is aktuális, hogy akár örökbefogadással, de egy-két kutya ideiglenes befogadásával is nagyon sokat segítenének rajtuk. Even now, the current, up to adoption, but a couple of temporary accommodation is very much a dog would help them.

Aki csak teheti küldjön, élelmet, kutyaólat, anyagi támogatást.

Everyone who can send out for food, kennels, for financial support. Várnak továbbá kétkezi segítséget, fuvart a mentéshez, üzemanyagot, sódert, kavicsot, faanyagot, dróthálót, meleg takarókat, fűrészport szalmát! A kutyák fáznak, vízben állnak, száz állatot ment négy asszony. Waiting for help and manual, to save freight, fuel, gravel, stone, wood, wire mesh, warm blankets, straw, sawdust! “The dogs are cold water consist of hundreds of animals went in four women.

Minden segítségre szükség van! All the help you need!
Az Állatotthon gazdája: Szilágyi Lászlóné, Júlia, 0630/576-89-35

The owner Állatotthon: László Szilágyi, Júlia, 0630/576-89-35

Eseti felajánlások:

Ad hoc donations:

Zemplén Gazdátlan Állataiért Alapítvány KutyaotthonaOrphan Foundation Zemplén Állataiért Kutyaotthona



UPDATE 25/05/10 Donations

Thanks to Juli for more information on donations:

I can read Hungarian somewhat ….and according to above, you can donate to them via this weblink or you can donate directly to their bank account, info included below:

HUF or Hungarian Forint is the currency, as the Euro is not yet widely accepted and it is not the recognized currency yet.
For example, $25.00 USD is approx equivalent to 5600 Forint. That is not a great deal of money, maybe enough for a dinner for two in a reasonablly nice restaurant, but I am sure it would be very useful for the shelter, as every little bit counts!

E-mail :

You could also donate directly to their bank account – here is the info:
Account nbr.: 18431324-1-05
Bank info: 10402757-27500503-00000000

You can contact them also via telephone but probably (I have no idea) they might not speak English.

Tel numbers:
Julikla- Tel: +47/ 321-365 and/ or 30/576-89-35

Marika- Tel: +47/322-158 and 20/242-11-61

I hope this helps!! Let me know if you need more info, as I could always call them at the shelter, at the phone numbers listed.

Thank you.

Spain: Bull Gets Revenge Before It Dies





Youtube footage: 

THIS pic shows a Spanish matador being gored by a bull.

Veteran bullfighter Julio Aparicio stumbles and falls to the ground, then the bull charges him.

The bull’s horn enters Aparicio’s throat and protrudes through his mouth, during the fight at Plaza de Toros las Ventas bullring as part of the San Isidro Festival in Madrid.

Apricio is in hospital in a critical condition.

Photo and text link:


SAV Comment – and the bull died as always in such pathetic events.